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Contract Flight Attendant in London – Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts

London is a busy city to which almost any international traveler will operate in his or her lifetime. Knowing how important London, and the entire United Kingdom, is to travel, we turned to Jane Roberts, a contract flight attendant from Birmingham based in London, to learn more about this location.

Jane has over ten years of combined experience in commercial and private corporate aviation, and currently holds visas for Read More

Come to London and Taste the World

There are as many cliches and truisms about London as there are Londoners – more than seven million and counting. But one truism above all defines this great city: Choice.

As a business aviation traveler, you can choose from eight Read More

Food Origins: Brazilian Feijoada

Brazilian Feijoada

Feijoada is a hearty stew which is enjoyed throughout Brazil, and has such incredible popularity that it was proclaimed the country’s national dish. While several types of meat are used in this stew, the name actually comes from the Portuguese word for “beans.” Feijoada originated during the time Brazil was being colonized by Portugal. This dish originated in Portugal, and variations of it can be found in countries that were settled by Read More

Regional Flavors of Brazilian Cuisine

Brazilian regional cuisine

With the 2014 World Cup fast approaching and involving so many cities in Brazil, it is best to familiarize oneself with the types of cuisine that can be expected in each region. While certain Brazilian dishes are available throughout the vast country, each region has unique culinary creations that showcase its local flair. Learn what each region has to offer, so you can navigate Brazilian cuisine like Read More

Brazilian Flight Attendant – Adriana Evangelista

Adriana Evangelista

Brazil will take center stage this summer as it hosts football’s (or, if you are American: “soccer’s”) biggest tournament. Brazil has a unique culture, so we wanted to discuss the country with a native. Adriana Evangelista is an enthusiastic flight attendant based in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. She graduated from Edapa Flight School in October 2008.

Adriana is a multilingual flight attendant who speaks Read More

Brazilian Cuisine and In-Flight Catering for Private Aviation

Brazilian Cuisine and In-Flight Catering for Private Aviation

Brazil is a vast country with cuisine as varied as the regions that make up the nation. Several Brazilian dishes have become popular around the world, and with the country in the spotlight during 2014, this is sure to remain a hot trend. Since experienced private aviation caterers always work to remain ahead of what is currently popular, many of these signature dishes are already available and customized for Read More

Food Origins: Swiss Rösti

The potato, first discovered in the New World, has played a powerful role in the history of many European nations. Switzerland is no different. Winter survival strategies governed much of what was considered “local cuisine” in a given area. The potato is the perfect carbohydrate package. It grows in a variety of soils and can be stored and eaten in the snowy winter when other resources Read More

HOW TO: Sea Scallops and Purple Peruvians In-Flight Plating

sea scallops purple peruvians

Sea scallops provide a healthy, lean protein that is high in vitamin B12. When paired with purple Peruvian potatoes, they become part of a work of culinary art. Working in the confines of a business jet cabin is a juggling act, and this video plating guide takes the guess work out of food presentation. Watch the video tutorial on how six quick steps will have you plating Sea Scallops and Purple Peruvians like Read More

Vegetarian Italian Torta

Vegatarian torta

While variations of tortas can be found throughout Europe, Latin America, and the Philippines, today’s special-edition recipe is an Italian Torta. An Italian Torta is similar in appearance to a pie or a quiche. This authentic Italian pie makes a beautiful vegetarian Easter feast and is stuffed with Read More

Kirsten Arianejad – Corporate Flight Attendant

Kirsten Arienejad

Being a cabin crew member in private aviation means constantly adapting to new environments and challenges. Kirsten Arianejad is a corporate flight attendant who has traveled to a myriad of interesting locations throughout her career. She has over five and a half years of experience as a flight attendant and has flown Read More