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In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips for Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva location guide

For the business aviation community, Geneva is synonymous with the annual event we all know as EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition). Since EBACE is held every May in Geneva, this is the perfect time to learn more about this global destination. The canton (Switzerland is made up of 26 member states, each referred to as a “canton”) is situated among the Swiss Alps, the Jura Mountains, and Read More

Breast of Guinea Fowl, Leeks and Champagne

Guinea Fowl Leeks Champagne

The Guinea Fowl is indigenous to the African continent. It is speculated that the birds were originally domesticated as a means of controlling agricultural pests and eventually evolved into part of the livestock. Their introduction into western culture took place during the height of the Roman Empire as merchants traveled from the northern African coast to the heart of Europe, trading the birds for Read More

HOW TO: Lobster Medallions With Caviar Remoulade In-Flight Plating

lobster and caviar

Whether for business or pleasure, no private aviation trip can be considered a success without some star-studded in-flight catering! This culinary delight features lobster topped with a scallop and black caviar. Together, this seafood trio is sure to please your passengers while providing them with an optimal serving of lean protein. The entire feast takes only six steps to achieve a VIP-worthy Read More

Inflight Catering in Cannes, France and Travel Guide

Cannes, France, In-Flight Catering and Travel Guide

Cannes is a popular tourist destination located in the French Riviera that is known as a playground for celebrities. Gorgeous scenery, a moderate climate, and luxurious resorts are a huge draw for Cannes. Aside from these reason to visit, Cannes is widely known for being home to the annual Cannes Film Festival, which is held in May and is reported to bring around Read More

HOW TO: Sea Bass In-Flight Plating

Sea Bass Plating Video

Sea Bass is great way to get the health benefits of fish while enjoying a tropical flavor profile. Since this species of fish is found in warm water, it’s no surprise that it goes great with fruit found in similar climates. Mango, lemongrass, coconut, lime, and lemon work in harmony to create a delicious taste reminiscent of the flavors found on an island paradise. Not only does fruit have an appealing taste, but also the Read More

How Flight Duration Impacts In-Flight Catering for Private Aviation

How Flight Duration Impacts In-Flight Catering for Private Aviation

Having the right in-flight catering experience for your passengers will make or break the entire flight.  It is no secret that happy passengers will view you, and the flight, in a positive manner when they are provided top-notch in-flight catering.  While many factors should be considered when arranging in-flight catering, a crucial one is flight duration. Here are a few tips for Read More

Flight Attendant Tips for Private Aviation Travel to Louisville, Kentucky

Flight Attendant Tips for Private Aviation Travel to Kentucky Derby

Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city and is famous around the world for hosting the annual Kentucky Derby. Spectators fly from destinations far and wide to be a part of the most popular horse-racing event in the world. The Derby is held the first Saturday of May and is the busiest time of the year for both commercial and private aviation travel to Louisville. Whether you will be attending the Derby or Read More