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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Food Origins: Indian Spices

While the Indian spice trade has been an important part of the subcontinent’s economy for hundreds of years, spices have been used for thousands of years. In a time before modern refrigeration, spices were a necessity for survival. During the Middle Ages, black pepper — something now commonplace in kitchens around the world — was so highly sought after that it commanded selling prices that rivalled those of gold. Throughout history, Indian spices have been highly valued, not only for the flavour and colour they Read More

Andi Scott – Corporate Flight Attendant in London

Since London is such an important global city with an enormous amount of choice, we wanted to gather a variety of perspectives from members of the aviation community. Last week we gained an inside look from a corporate flight attendant. This week, we interviewed Andi Scott, a flight attendant with a commercial airline who is considering making the transition into private aviation. Andi is currently based out of Read More

Lost in Translation – Tips for Ordering British Cuisine Like a Native

When travelling to another country, I always try out local delicacies. Whether it is gumbo in the U.S. or deep-fried scorpions in Thailand, food always offers an exciting way to explore different cultures. You would think that when you try new things in a new country, language would be your first hurdle. You have to awkwardly order from a menu you can’t read, speak in a faux accent, and Read More

Tagliatelle With Cavolo Nero, Chickpeas and Pecorino

Tagliatelle is an egg-based pasta with a distinct “bird nest” look. This pasta comes in many colors to help create a more visually appealing dish. For those who have removed gluten from their diet, there are gluten-free tagliatelle options available.

Cavolo nero is a leafy green brassica vegetable which is also called “Tuscan Cabbage.” Cavolo nero is a Read More