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Pre-trip Planning Tips for International In-Flight Catering

pre-trip planning inflight catering

While you may have local catering down to a science, sourcing catering internationally involves more flexibility. Preferred brands and favorite dishes may need to be substituted due to availability in the region, or you may receive your in-flight catering packaged in a manner that may not be appropriate for your galley. Ordering private aviation catering worldwide, even at remote locations, can be successful and Read More

In-Flight Catering for Pets

inflight catering for pets

Unless you have devoted a good part of your career to specializing in flying with people who bring pets onboard, you probably haven’t given much thought to catering for our “furrier” clients. When a pet shows up on your trip sheet, you hope the “pet parents” bring whatever the pet needs and that is pretty much it.  If you think about it, we do not take that attitude with any of our other guests, so why drop the ball when it comes Read More

Boston Crème Cannoli

Boston Creme Cannoli

Boston has been culturally influenced by its large Italian-American community for many decades. The presence of Italian culture is best felt in the North End, where about one-third of the population is Italian. The Boston Crème Cannoli is a sweet treat that celebrates the bond between Read More

Handling Food Allergies with In-Flight Catering

Food Allergies inflight catering

In-flight catering chefs operate according to a completely different set of guidelines from those of a typical restaurant or catering chef. Because of the small, enclosed environment to which their food is consumed, we have to be more mindful of the dietary requirements of the guests. Our guests cannot simply leave and Read More

Cynthia Page – Corporate Flight Attendant in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, has its place in American history and continues to be an important location for both leisure and business travel. While researching Boston, we interviewed Cynthia Page, a corporate flight attendant with over 15 years of experience.

Cynthia has received corporate flight attendant training from Read More

Boston In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips

Boston is a major city in the New England region of the United States. Boston is home to a growing technology sector, financial institutes, and world-famous sports teams. While it can be expected to be busy almost year-round with conferences, sports, technology, and banking industry events, the peak travel seasons for Boston are summer and fall.

While Boston is known as “The Walking City,” the Read More

Watermelon Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a type of cold soup typically made with tomatoes. For a sweet summertime twist, this recipes uses watermelon in place of tomato. If you or one of your passengers are vegetarian or are on a raw food diet, this is a great recipe to learn since it Read More

How to Become a Guest Author

Since launching this blog in January 2014, we have been focused on providing valuable content for our audience. We are passionate about gourmet food, business aviation and the intersection of these two industries. If you share this focus, we invite you to contribute your expertise to the blog.

This opportunity is available to professionals in Read More

In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips for Chicago, Illinois

Inflight Catering Chicago

Chicago, famously known as “the Windy City,” is the largest city in Illinois and the third largest in the United States. Located just south of Wisconsin, the city is one of the biggest financial and transportation hubs in the country. With this level of economic importance, the metropolitan area sees a lot of aviation traffic especially during Read More

Private Aviation Catering Considerations for International Travel

Private Aviation Catering Considerations for International Travel

Finding gourmet in-flight catering throughout the world can test your problem solving skills.   Smaller markets often have limited catering options. Local packaging may not be the best match for your aircraft’s galley equipment or your preferred style of service. Additionally, the presentation and availability of specific products may be quite different from what you’ve grown accustomed to. Finally, orders and Read More