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Ravioli au fromage de chèvre avec carottes et émulsion de gingembre

L’art de préparer des pâtes est une tradition qui passe d’une génération à l’autre depuis le douzième siècle. Les pâtes se préparent dans une grande diversité de formes, comportent différents ingrédients et se cuisinent bien avec de nombreux aliments. Dans cette recette de pâtes végétariennes, les raviolis sont truffés d’un Read More

Un service à bord d’exception avec les accords steak et vin

Un service à bord d'exception avec les accords steak et vin

La viande rouge peut être servie saignante ou bien cuite mais elle a toujours une chair savoureuse. Voici quelques recommandations pour marier la viande rouge et le vin et ainsi proposer un excellent repas à vos passagers.

Le steak bleu ou saignant

Une pièce de bœuf bleue ou saignante est tendre et juteuse. Les tannins des vins Read More

Exceptional In-Flight Catering with Wine and Beef

Inflight Catering Wine and Beef

Red meat can be cooked so that it is rare or well-done, but no matter what, it offers a tasty flavor. Here is a brief overview of how to pair wine and beef to create an exceptional in-flight dining experience for your passengers.

Rare and Pittsburgh Blue Steak

Beef that is rare or Pittsburgh Blue appears juicy and Read More

Paris En-vol Traiteur et Conseils pour le Voyage

Paris En vol traiteur et conseils pour le voyage

Paris est une ville magique de renommée mondiale en cuisine, la mode, l’art et l’architecture. En visitant Paris, tu seras devant une infinité d’occasions d’expériences, c’est la raison derière la quelle cette ville a une grande réputation dans le monde entier.

Depuis que Paris est une ville d’importance mondiale, Elle connait un trafic élevé Read More

Paris In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips

Inflight Catering Paris

Paris is a magical city world-renown for cuisine, fashion, art and architecture. While visiting Paris, you will be presented with endless opportunities to experience exactly why this city has such a great reputation across the globe.

Since Paris is a city of global importance, it also sees a high-volume of private jet traffic. Serving the private aircraft operating to and from Paris are Le Bourget Airport (LFPB), Orly Airport (LFPO) and Charles de Gaulle Airport (LFPG). Not only is Paris a high-volume air traffic location in Read More

Food Origins: Berlin Pancakes

berlin pancakes

Berlin-style pancakes are one of the most-traditional pastries in Germany. One popular legend says Berliner pancakes were invented in 1756 by a Berlin confectioner. The legend states that he wanted to serve as a gunner under the Prussian King Frederick the Great, but was unfit for military service. However, he was grateful that he was allowed to stay as a field baker in the regiment. As a “thank you” gift, he created the first pancake and gave the dough pieces the shape of cannonballs. He then baked them, since no ovens were available, over an open fire in a Read More

Bulk Packaging of In-Flight Catering Entrees

inflight catering packaging options

Can you imagine working at a restaurant where each table had a specific request for how they wanted their meal plated? That is the everyday reality for an aviation caterer. Chefs working for private jet caterers are trained in all aspects of aviation catering, and the variability of packaging requests are just one of the many facets that are part of normal operations.

While there may Read More

Munich, Germany In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips

Munich Inflight Catering

Oktoberfest, also known as “Wiesn,” is fast approaching, so what better location to explore than Munich, Germany? Located on the River Isar in Bavaria, Munich’s history traces its roots back to the 1100s, which is evident when exploring the city’s architecture. Additionally, Munich has a mild climate throughout the year, with average lows in September reaching 48 F (9 C) so make sure to Read More

Open-Faced Dungeness Sandwich

Dungeness crab sandwich recipe

Seattle is home to a large seaport, so it is natural that seafood is popular here. A particular local favorite is the Dungeness crab. While crab can be served in a variety of preparations, this recipe features Dungeness in a mayonnaise-based salad, perfect for a sandwich. The portions below yield between Read More

Flight Attendant Review of Onboard Hazardous Materials

corporate flight attendant hazmat

As flight attendants, we must always be aware of not only what our passengers bring onboard, but also of what we bring onboard to maintain our aircraft. Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) are all around us. We must be alert and able to recognize potentially hazardous materials that could affect our flight.

HAZMAT refers to an article or substance that has potentially hazardous characteristics. When transported, these items Read More