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London’s Top 8 Food Trends in 2014

London Food Trends 2014

London’s food scene is progressive, diverse and world-leading. London has the sixth highest restaurant density in the world, with a staggering one restaurant for every 221 inhabitants! Let’s recap the food trends of the last 12 months in London. Be sure to read this with a full stomach.

London New Cool Chicken

As sure as night becomes day, chicken Read More

Recipe: Gourmet New Year’s Eve Menu

Gourmet New Year's Eve Menu

Whether spending New Year’s Eve on the ground with family and friends or in the air with your favorite clients, Air Culinaire Worldwide would like share a menu designed to please everyone on this special occasion.

Appetizer – Mote Caviar and Read More

Top 10 Food Trends in the United States for 2014

US food trends 2014

Being in the business aviation industry, it is important to know what is currently popular and to look back on the year of what the trends were for our passengers. Now that 2014 is coming to the end, let’s review what the hot food trends were for the year in the United States.

  1. Historic grains – From khorasan to farro and quinoa to chia, these ancient Read More

Serving Sushi and Sashimi In-Flight

japanese seafood sushi

Sushi and sashimi is a $14 billion dollar industry in Japan alone. Not to mention that it has become a global phenomenon, from the smallest of take-outs to the finest of Japanese restaurants, sushi can be purchased almost everywhere. Sushi and sashimi make a regular appearance on the menus of our corporate jets, and corporate flight attendants are regularly serve some of the finest sushi and sashimi available. But before we Read More

Arni Youvetsi – Lamb with Orzo Recipe

Arni Youvetsi

This recipe was shared with me many years ago by a friend’s Greek grandmother. It is my go-to recipe when I need something flavorful and satisfying for a dinner with friends. You can make it ahead and entertain your guests while it simmers, because it requires very little attention once it Read More

Onboard Chef for a Private Jet World Tour – Seattle (Part 2)

onboard chef world tour seattle

The world tour started off in Seattle, Washington. We started out very early in the morning to get everything prepared for the first leg of the journey. We worked on the preparations Sunday and Monday to make sure everything was in place and perfect. The food was an easy task. Even going down to Pike’s Market and buying local salmon, produce and the cheese for the dessert course (from legendary Beecher’s Read More

How to Explore Greece like a Native

Acropolis Athens Greece

As a Greek native and a corporate flight attendant, I know how important it is to get an inside perspective on a location before visiting the city for the first time. Not only regarding the sites to see and how to get around, but also some of the best local cuisine to try.

A first visit in Athens definitely requires a visit to Acropolis Hill, where the Read More

Maria Kalymnou – Corporate Flight Attendant in Greece

Maria Kalymnou Corporate Flight Attendant

Traveling to Athens and ready to immerse yourself in Greek culture? Maria Kalymnou is a corporate flight attendant who is native to Thessaloniki, Greece who has a lot of valuable information to share on her experiences in private aviation and about her country. Learn more about her aviation experiences below and check back tomorrow for her first article as a guest author.

Maria has been a corporate flight attendant for seven years and is based out Read More

Flight Crew Travel Tips for Greece

This past September I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Greece. Beyond the mainland, this country is comprised of thousands of islands varying in size that can be visited by ferry or plane depending on your budget and schedule. I spent time on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini and ended my trip in the historic city of Athens. It was a relatively easy country to navigate since most of those I conversed with had a Read More

Free-Range Chicken Tortilla Soup

mexican tortilla soup

Peak season is here in Aspen, and while the winter brings snow to the mountains, it also makes warm meals even more popular. A healthy and hearty option is to serve a Tex-Mex inspired chicken tortilla soup. This recipe makes four portions and it great for providing warmth with a kick of heat from jalapenos.