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Local Treats for Flight Crews Visiting Phoenix, Arizona

You have dropped off your passengers, refreshed and closed up the aircraft, gathered your items and finally headed to the crew car… Now it is time for you to relax, hopefully! If you are fortunate enough to be on the ground for longer than an overnight, and not too worn-out from your flight, there are several Read More

New England In-Flight Catering Menu for the Big Game


With the Big Game around the corner, it is time to think about New England cuisine for the five-plus hour flight from Boston to Phoenix. Tom Romig, our executive chef in Boston (and loyal Patriots supporter), has created a selection of signature dishes featuring local ingredients, cooking styles and traditional regional flavors. We invite you and your team to experience a taste of New England on your journey down to Arizona or on Read More

In-Flight Catering Menu for Seattle’s 12th Man


The Seattle Seahawks are trying for a repeat win of the Big Game this Sunday. If you are going to the game, Seattle has some great food. So, why not bring the taste of Seattle with you to the game for your passengers enjoy? Below is a sample menu, complete with recipes, inspired by the flavors of Read More

8 In-Flight Catering Tips for the Big Game in Phoenix, Arizona


It has now been determined that the February 1st showdown in Arizona will be between the reigning champion Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots who are making their seventh appearance at the Big Game. The forecast for warm weather and blue skies is a good reason for fans to escape the late winter conditions of the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast.

We all know that major events equate to a lot of aviation traffic, and with increased traffic Read More

New Delhi Recipe – Murgh Makhni

Butter Chicken Recipe

Since the Mughal Dynasty ruled the capital city for centuries, food in New Delhi is still heavily influenced by the traditions of the Mughals. One of the most prominent culinary contributions of the Mughuls is the “tandoor” (a clay oven used to cook breads and roast meats) still prevails today.

In the Mughlai style of cooking, dairy products such as “malai” (cream), “paneer” (cheese), “ghee” (clarified butter) or “makhan” (white butter), and yogurt are Read More

HOW TO: Poached Salmon In-Flight Plating

London poached salmon

Scottish salmon the second-largest food export from the United Kingdom. With a taste that is so wildly popular, especially in China, there is no wondering why this dish is one of the top items on our London menu. Paired with roasted lemons, buttered samphire and citrus cream, this poached salmon dish sure to be a hit on your next flight out of London! Learn how to plate it in Read More

Komal Kumar – Corporate Flight Attendant in New Delhi

Komal Kumaar - CFA in New Delhi, India

India is home to a growing economy, the second largest population in the world and a projected 12.5 percent increase in business aviation flights. Today we bring you a one-on-one interview with Komal Kumar, a corporate flight attendant from New Delhi, India (VIDF). Komal has had the honor of flying the top corporate and diplomat officials of various countries, as well as the top ruling political figures of the Republic of India.

Komal got her start as a commercial flight attendant in 2004. She received Read More

Guide to the Foods of India

Guide to the Food of India

India is a very complex country, both culturally and geographically. Throughout history, there have been many influences that have developed into the many regional cooking styles. From Kashmir and Punjab in the north, Assam and Bengal in the east, Mumbai and Goa in the west and Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the south, each region offers an array of exotic cuisine.

I have identified some popular local dishes and their culinary influences. Please consult with Read More

Roasted Root Vegetable Recipe

Roasted Root Vegetables

Traditionally, winter months were all about root vegetables. Now, with global distribution, we don’t really feel the effects of “old man winter” on our vegetable selections. That lowly rutabaga has lost its spotlight as a winter staple over the years, but its unique taste and ability to easily pair with other flavors should help keep this item on your shopping list.

After the harvest, many cultures utilize the hardier root vegetables for winter meals. You will see them stocked in Read More

HOW TO: Little Gem In-Flight Plating

Little Gem Salad from London

From the trout-filled lakes of Norfolk comes the inspiration for this uniquely British salad. Featuring flaked Norfolk trout garnished with red amaranth, and plated with little gem lettuce and quail eggs, this is a healthy salad packed with flavor. Follow five quick steps to artfully plate this dish, or get Read More