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Business Aviation Travel Tips for Davos, Switzerland

Private Aviation Davos

Whether you are flying with one of the economic elite to the World Economic Forum or accompanying a family on a ski trip, Davos is a gorgeous winter wonderland you will not soon forget. Nestled in the Swiss Alps alongside the Landwasser River, Davos is located in Switzerland’s Graubünden canton. The town is situated on the east side of Switzerland near Austria, and most of its 12,000 citizens Read More

HOW TO: London Roast of Lamb In-Flight Plating

London Roast Lamb

Imagine sitting in a cozy pub in the English countryside. This dish which was created by Executive Chef Neil Pope on our London team. The lamb, with its earthy flavors, roasted to perfection with English peas and potato mash. The mint demi-glace accompanies the lamb with every bite to bring out the Read More

Onboard Chef for a Private Jet World Tour – Anchorage (Part 3)

Anchorage Private Jet World Tour

We arrived at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC) a bit early since we caught great tailwinds across Canada. When we arrived, a fleet a support vehicles swarmed around the aircraft to provide the services needed for the quick turn to move on to Beijing. I was greeted by Swissport who promptly uploaded the catering from our Anchorage partner, Kincaid Grill. The catering was fantastic! Everything was packaged exactly the Read More

Ann Meili – Corporate Flight Attendant Mentor

Ann Meili - Corporate Flight Attendant Mentor

After serving 35 years as a flight attendant, Ann Meili decided to change roles and give back to the business aviation community. Amongst other projects involving technical work, Ann spends time helping new corporate flight attendants with their resumes, training and applications. As part of her efforts, she runs Corporate Flyer dot net, a private Facebook group for corporate Read More

Anchorage, Alaska In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips

business aviation anchorage

Anchorage is a city in south-central Alaska with a location that makes for a convenient tech stop on routes between North America and Asia. Anchorage has a mix of native culture, pristine open spaces to explore and the comforts of small city life. Let’s explore Anchorage so Read More

Calcots with Salbitxada Sauce (Spanish Green Onions)

Calcots Recipe

Calcots are a type of green onion grown in the Catalonia region of Spain. Calcots are milder than a regular green onion and are usually larger. They are planted in trenches like onions are, and farmers increase the depth of the soil around the stem throughout autumn and winter. This is why Read More