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Red Bird Farms Stuffed Chicken Breast


Using local ingredients is important to everyone on our team. Local ingredients provide a level of freshness and taste not otherwise possible. Here in Denver, we use vegetarian-fed, cage-free, antibiotic-free chicken from Red Bird Farms. To keep the spirit of this recipe, we invite you to Read More

Denver Corporate Flight Attendant – Sadie Squier

Corporate Flight Attendant Denver - Sadie Squier

As we continue our week-long celebration of the Mile High City, Sadie Squier stepped forward to share her favorite things about the city and her career. Sadie is a FlightSafety International trained corporate flight attendant who lives in Denver, Colorado but is currently based out of Teterboro Airport (KTEB). Before exploring Denver with Sadie, first let’s get to know more about her.

First and foremost, Sadie is Read More

Business Aviation Catering and Travel Tips for Denver, Colorado

Denver Business Aviation

While Denver is a popular destination for winter outdoor activities, June through August is the peak season for visiting the city. Denver’s moderate rainfall during the warmer months of the year, and centralized location in the continental United States, make it a convenient location to visit for business or personal travel. The “Mile High City” is situated in the Rocky Mountains, and in the High Plains region of America’s Great Plains. Denver is currently Read More

Venice, Italy In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips

Venice (or “Venezia” in Italian), Italy is a unique European destination marked by its famous gondolas. While most of Italy is a peninsula, Venice is located in the northeastern region of the country, a two hour drive from Slovenia. Peak season for visiting Venice is from June through August, with September through November being the shoulder season. If all you know about Venice is its canals, it is time to get further acquainted with Read More

HOW TO: Panna Cotta and Burrata In-Flight Plating Video

Treat your favorite pax to an Italian treat on your next flight. Fresh berries and almond granola are the perfect compliments to our panna cotta and burrata. In eight steps you will have a culinary masterpiece ready to impress. Have your own unique plating for this dessert? Be sure to Read More

Melody Thorne – Corporate Flight Attendant in Savannah, Georgia

Melody Thorne is a seasoned corporate flight attendant based out of Savannah, Georgia with over 25 years of experience. Like many corporate flight attendants, Melody started out in commercial aviation, where she spent 20 years growing her skills. She received her initial training from Piedmont Airlines and, since making the career move to corporate aviation five years ago, keeps current with training at Read More