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Sonoma Spice Yogurt Dip

Sonoma Spice Yogurt Dip

Air Culinaire Worldwide has created a new spice blend for the food lovers in the business aviation community. This house creation is a combination of fragrant spices, chili peppers and sea salt. This was originally created as an olive oil dip, Read More

Shanghai Corporate Flight Attendant – Rita Yang

Shanghai Corporate Flight Attendant Rita Yang

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China, and there are many reasons you may be asked to fly on a business aviation trip to the city during your career. To get an inside look at the city, and tips to help corporate flight attendants while on the ground, we interviewed Rita Yang. Read on the learn more about Rita, her business aviation knowledge and tips for visiting Shanghai.

Which aircraft have you flown on during your career? Read More

Business Aviation and In-Flight Catering Tips for Shanghai, China

Shanghai inflight catering

Shanghai is a city in China that has combined and adapted cultures from all over the world. Thousands of travelers come to visit here for its famous attractions, as well as its food. For business aviation travel, because it has become one of Asia’s financial centers and the world’s busiest container port, it is also one of the most Read More

Time and Temperature Control for Inflight Catering

inflight catering food safety tips

We often emphasize the control of time and temperature as being a critical factor in keeping our catering safe, but what does this actually mean to us? One of the major hazards to food safety is the presence of harmful bacteria in our onboard catering, and it being allowed to grow to harmful levels. This could lead to severe illness or worse, especially for those passengers in Read More

Toronto Corporate Flight Attendant – Susan Sharpe

Toronto Corporate Flight Attendant Susan Sharpe

As we focus on Toronto, Ontario, Canada this week, we wanted to get an inside look at this capital city. When looking for the perfect candidate for this Canadian corporate flight attendant spotlight, hands down I was told to speak with Susan Sharpe. Read on to see why! Read More

Business Aviation Travel Tips for Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto inflight catering

Toronto, also known as the Queen City, The 416 or T.O., is the “New York City” of Canada in some aspects. Featuring major sporting teams from hockey to baseball and boasting over 1600 named parks to explore with its eastern edge lining the Carolinian Forest. This city is a global powerhouse of business, arts and finance, and is Read More

In-Flight Catering Recipe – Tokyo Scallops

Inflight Catering Recipe Tokyo scallops

As mentioned in the two-part series published earlier this week, I was recently in Tokyo and had a fantastic dish at the Tsukiji Market. While I was exploring the market, I came across a street vendor who was cooking scallops and other seafood items on the half-shell over a gas grill. While speaking and working with the chef, I found out it Read More