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Exploring Tokyo, Japan on a Business Aviation Trip – Part 2

Tokyo business aviation

The next morning I got up at 04:00 and strolled over to the infamous Tsukiji Fish Market (ranked as one of the top two fish markets in the world) for the tuna auction. When I arrived, there was a queue of over 100 people waiting to get in. The tuna auction is limited to 120 people a day, allowing two shifts of 60 to enter at a time. Even though I got up with Read More

Exploring Tokyo, Japan on a Business Aviation Trip – Part 1

Tokyo business aviation

During our time in Tokyo, we were determined to make the best of it while we were grounded. At any time we could be asked to go, but we were pretty confident we would not leave for 48 hours. This provided me with ample time to explore the city of Tokyo.

A very interesting place Tokyo is. A huge Read More

Mumbai Recipe – Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo Recipe

As a child growing up in Poona (now Pune), India, I looked forward to our monthly visits to Bombay (now Mumbai). Once a month, our entourage made up of several families boarded a train and made our way through the Ghat Mountains to spend the entire day at the seaside metropolis. A typical visit consisted of Read More

Business Aviation and In-Flight Catering Tips for Mumbai, India

Mumbai Indian Inflight Catering

India is home to the world’s second largest population, with nearly one out of every six people on earth living in India. With the world’s third largest gross domestic product, you are sure to find yourself landing in India during your career in business aviation. Today, we take a look at India’s most Read More