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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Recipe: Spanish Garbanzo Beans and Spinach

Spanish Garbanzo and Spinach

Growing up with a strong Spanish cultural influence, I have grown to love garbanzo beans. This specific type of bean is very popular in Spanish cuisine, especially in the south of Spain. Garbanzo beans are a legume and can be called a variety of names, like chickpeas, and have a long history in the culinary world dating back 7,500 years. Garbanzo beans most likely originated in Turkey and were cultivated by the ancient Egyptians then transported around the Mediterranean by merchants. In southern Spain, you Read More

Dallas / Fort Worth Corporate Flight Attendant – Kara Shryock

Corporate Flight Attendant Kara Shryock

This week we bring you an exciting interview with Kara Shryock, a corporate flight attendant based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Kara has a lot of beneficial insights into the life of a corporate flight attendant, and her favorite destination – Germany. Read along to learn more about this dynamic member of the business Read More