Redefining In-Flight Catering

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A Look Back at 2015 In-Flight Catering Trends

Red Snapper - Inflight Catering

2015 is coming to an end shortly and this year in business aviation catering has seen many changes to what our passengers are requesting. We all know that our passengers are going to order anything that their hearts desire and we as a flight crew our Read More

Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Grouper

Grouper is a popular fish in Florida and the Caribbean. Here in the Tampa Bay area, we have a town named Tarpon Springs, which was settled by Greek immigrants and is the place to go for the most authentic Greek cuisine in the area. This recipe calls for pan-seared grouper and is a slight Greek adaptation to a regional favorite in Tampa, Florida. This is a great utilization of my favorite fish! Read More

How to Feature Your Culinary Skills on Your Flight Attendant Resume

corporate flight attendant resume help

Preparing 5-star in-flight meals at 30,000 feet, often on short notice, while keeping track of your passengers’ safety and comfort is no easy task. Knowing what to stock, managing costs, who to call, timing, making sure food arrives and is stored at the proper temperature until it is time to serve, plating and serving food attractively in a minimalistic galley are part of an important skill set. Corporate aviation employers expect Read More

Flight Crew Food Safety and Culinary Training in London, England

Air Culinaire Worldwide is holding Flight Crew Food Safety and Culinary Training in London, England. The classes are combined into one full-day program. The Flight Crew Food Safety Class covers food safety and best practices tailored to the unique in-flight environment. The Culinary Workshop is hands-on, so students  prepare, plate and Read More