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Recipe: San Francisco Cioppino

With the Big Game in San Francisco this weekend, what’s better than a nice, warm fish stew? The stew originally was developed by Italian fishermen from Genoa that settled near the north beach in the late 1800s. It is similar to the traditional Italian dish called “ciuppin,” but with more tomatoes and using local seafood like Dungeness crab. Read More

In-Flight Catering for Vegetarians and Vegans

vegetarian inflight catering

In the world of in-flight catering for private aviation, we must constantly be on the lookout for specific dietary requirements and restrictions for our clients. This can come in many forms and be prompted by the laws of a religion, health matters, culture or personal lifestyle choices. One of the most widely known, yet sometimes misunderstood, is the vegetarian diet and, within that Read More

Gourmet Coffee and In-flight Catering

Gourmet Coffee and In-flight Catering

As a corporate flight attendant, you may want to add “barista” to your list of skills. In order to make a lasting impression on your coffee loving passengers, let’s explore the basics. Gourmet typically refers to food products that are the most sought after by consumers, as they are of the highest achievable quality. This is also true for coffee, but it is as much gourmet as it is a product that Read More

Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Melbourne, Australia

Located in southeastern Australia, Melbourne is the second largest metropolitan area in the Oceania Region. While temperatures are typically moderate, winter in the Northern Hemisphere makes December through February the peak season for traveling to Australia. In addition to its pleasant climate, the city is home to headquarters of several Australian companies, regional Read More

Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy (Italian name: Milano) is a faced-paced city known around the world for its high-fashion, rich culture and economic importance – including Italy’s stock exchange. The typical travel pattern for Milan follows the temperatures, with summer being the peak and winter being the low season. Whether you are flying corporate to a business-related event or a private family to Read More

2016 Culinary Trends for In-Flight Catering

As 2016 begins, the future of culinary is exciting. The trends for the upcoming year are going to have a big impact on our taste buds as well as the environment. Chefs around the world are coming up with unique items as they try to help the environment for the guests. This coming year we will see more authentic flavors while product is Read More