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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Bahrain

With the Bahrain Grand Prix coming up at the beginning of April, it is the perfect time to get to know this island kingdom in the Arabian Gulf. Located between the east coast of Saudi Arabia and the west coast of Qatar, Bahrain is home to over 1.3 million citizens and a high-income economy, as recognized by the World Bank. Read More

International Waffle Day

The amazing waffle in which we all loved is celebrated today. The waffle can be dated all the way to medieval times, but was not until the 13th century when its shape really took place. There are many varieties of waffles throughout the world, but one of my favorites is the Brussels waffle in which is lighter, crisper and has large pockets and rectangle sides to absorb all the sweetness of the confectionary sugar or cream. Read More

News from the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association

Over the past several months, the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association (PNBAA) Board of Directors has been working on a proposed merger of the business aviation regional groups in the Northwest. It is with great pleasure that we announce the merger of these regional groups is complete. The Pacific Rim Schedulers and Dispatchers Association (PRSDA) and the Pacific Northwest Corporate Flight Attendant Association (PNCFAA) have now merged into the existing PNBAA organization.
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Air Culinaire Worldwide announces asset purchase of Stevie’s In-Flight Catering in San Diego

San Diego, CA (Mar. 16, 2016) – Air Culinaire Worldwide announced today the asset purchase of a state-of-the-art in-flight catering facility, increasing capacity and coverage in the Southern California region. The new facility will allow Air Culinaire Worldwide to be more responsive when handling the increasing need for in-flight catering in the region and facilitate last-minute orders out of San Diego International Airport (KSAN / SAN). Air Culinaire Worldwide now has 22 kitchens, including 18 in the United States; five of which are located in California.

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St. Patrick’s Day In-Flight Menu

Will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week? From green beer to Guinness pie, this Irish celebration will keep your guests full and in the festive spirit. Read More

For the Love of Chocolate

Have you ever wondered why chocolate tastes so good and gives you that “feel good” factor? Well it is all down to the serotonin and endorphins that are released when eating chocolate that have been proven to give us that feeling of well-being. Read More

Roasted Root Vegetable Ragout

Ragout is a type of stew that is served as a main dish. While it can have beef or fish as an ingredient, this is a vegetarian ragout featuring roasted root vegetables. Try out this hearty recipe and have a healthy, warming meal in about one hour.

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