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Cold Inflight Catering Ideas for Aircraft without Oven or Microwave

Working on an aircraft with no oven or microwave can be both a blessing and a curse! You don’t have to worry about whether a steak is cooked to perfection or whether the sauce was the premium temperature. But it can be challenging as often there is little space to prepare or store catering and with no facility to heat up food or chill food – a lot of catering options are already out of the window. Thankfully, there are some things you can try, that are still tasty, surprising and easy to Read More

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony Setting

Japan is country of steeped in history, culture and tradition. If you have the pleasure of visiting Japan, one of the things I highly recommend to do is to visit a traditional Japanese Tea House, for the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Read More

British Strawberries – Eton Mess Recipe

The first appearance of British strawberries in our shops and supermarkets signify the start of British Summertime (despite the British weather!). May 1 is the official start date of the British berry season and the strawberry is the first of these fruits to appear. The British strawberry season runs from May through to September with the peak season being June and July. Our British climate is perfect for growing and producing the best-flavoured soft fruits in Read More

Autumn Nichols – Chicago Corporate Flight Attendant

Autumn Nichols Corporate Flight Attendant

Today we have the pleasure of bringing you and one-on-one interview with a globetrotting corporate flight attendant based out of Chicago. Read on to learn more about Autumn, her travel (especially in Africa) and her tips for aspiring corporate flight attendants.

Which aircraft have you flown on during your career?

I have flown on the Challenger 600, 605, Gulfstream 4, 5, 550, a Falcon 7X, and a BBJ 737-500. Read More

A Culinary Perspective of Ramadan

Inflight Catering During Ramadan

Ramadan, the 9th month in the Islamic lunar calendar, takes place this year from June 5th-6th to July 4th-5th. During the month of Ramadan, fasting occurs from sunrise to sunset and is observed by millions of Muslims across the globe. Just as diverse as the countries where the Islamic faith is prominently practiced, so are Read More