Meet Your Air Culinaire Worldwide Network Team

The ACW Network team is comprised of a group of seasoned professionals, led by Saverio Mongelli, Vice President of Sales, and Karl Scheblein, Global Vendor Manager. The team is dedicated to delivering consistently outstanding service and expertise to successfully provide VIP catering to corporate aviation trips. Our team has proven expertise in meeting and exceeding the highest client expectation at a growing number of ICAOs across the world.


A Culinary Institute of America graduate, Chef Saverio has 16 years of in-flight catering experience and 8 years in kitchen operations. Saverio opened and ran the Air Culinaire Worldwide New Jersey/New York kitchen. He brings a culinary and operational background to the Network Team and Vendors. Saverio’s responsibilities include national sales, client management, contract negotiations, and the management and development of the sales team, Large Cabin and now the ACW Network.

Karl Scheblein – Global Vendor Manager

Karl Scheblein is a native of the Tampa Bay area, where he attended St. Petersburg College and the University of South Florida. He has extensive background in the food and beverage industry, having worked in numerous establishments and been an Outback Steakhouse proprietor for 11 years. As the ACW Network’s Global Vendor Manager, Karl uses his professional skills and in-depth culinary management knowledge to better lead the team toward success.

Brandi Pelfrey – International Network Manager

Brandi Pelfrey began her career with us in 2005, serving the Large Cabin department. In 2011, Brandi was promoted to her position as the International Network Manager, overseeing a team of international in-flight catering professionals. Having lived in several states and countries, Brandi is well-cultured and fit to serve international clientele. Her skill set is greatly beneficial to Air Culinaire Worldwide clients, as she has led the team to many accomplishments over the years.

Sandy Feliciano – Vendor Specialist

Sandy Feliciano has worked with the company since 2005. She has held multiple roles at Air Culinaire Worldwide, allowing her to become an expert in customer service and in-flight catering. A former resident of Puerto Rico and member of the Puerto Rican Senate, Sandy is a native Spanish-speaker and works closely with vendors in both English and Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

Jacky Quiabazza – International Sourcing Specialist

Jacky Quiabazza, born in Uruguay, is an English, Portuguese and Spanish speaker. She moved to the United States in 2014, where she began her career at Air Culinaire Worldwide as an International Sourcing Specialist. Prior to her move, Jacky spent 4 years as a Hospitality and Events Coordinator for Palladium Business Hotel and 19 years working for the Credit Suisse Bank.

Stephen Wycallis – International Sourcing Specialist

Stephen Wycallis, who holds dual citizenship in the United States and European Union, has 21 years of experience in serving customers in Europe and Asia. He is a native German speaker and is also fluent in English. Through his professional experience and personal travels, Stephen is familiar with local cuisine and customs in nearly all major regions around the globe.

Stephen Long – Domestic Vendor Specialist

Stephen Long has worked with the company since 2016. He began in Client Services before joining the Network Team. Stephen’s extensive background in the restaurant/hospitality industry and having a Bachelor of Science in Geography allows him to provide excellent customer service and knowledge for our vendors.

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