What is the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network?

The Air Culinaire Worldwide® Network is the result of partnerships with hundreds of caterers, enabling us to serve you at over 1800 airports around the world. For over 14 years, we have worked diligently to find in-flight catering partners for you that adhere to the same standards of quality, customer service, accountability and presentation to which we are bound. Simply place one phone call, email or online order, and in-flight catering and concierge services can be provided for you at virtually any airport. All orders are tracked for you by our team of in-flight catering experts through a proprietary order management system, which manages punctuality, packaging requirements and quality control. The same standards of excellence and food safety are utilized by our associate catering partners that you expect from our owned-and-operated kitchens.

The highest standards applied to every in-flight caterer in the ACW Network

The ACW Network of catering partners exists in any location across the globe where an Air Culinaire Worldwide kitchen has yet to be established. After being thoroughly vetted, our catering partners are given guidelines and specifications to ensure that their preparation and execution meets or exceeds your expectations. Periodic reviews are conducted to assess performance to ensure you continue to receive the best service possible.

Multiple partners at popular destinations

The ACW Network of in-flight catering partners is vast. Often, we have more than one in-flight caterer operating in popular business aviation markets in order to leverage their skills to fulfill the variety of specialized requests that we receive. We want to ensure that both standard and eclectic fare can best be represented. Our global reach extends across the United States and Canada to the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia. New locations are being established continually, based on popularity and customer advice.



This map is updated frequently to depict delivery locations for kitchens and network locations. Don’t see a location you need in-flight catering at? No problem! Contact us with your questions to learn how we can help make your entire in-flight catering experience simple and enjoyable. To place an in-flight catering order or receive a catering quote, email orders@airculinaire.com.

Let’s grow together – Join the ACW Network

One of our goals is to provide the best coverage of any in-flight catering and concierge service company in the world. We want to work with you to attain this objective. Contact us today if your operation meets our requirements and can execute challenging client requests while maintaining our quality standards.