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Autumn Trends for Private Jet Inflight Catering

Autumn Trends for Inflight Catering

As the seasons turn, shades of gold and crimson stir themselves into our daily travels, not exclusively in the foliage around us or the baskets of mums in our markets, but also in the flavors we crave on-board. We don’t often ponder how aromas and tastes move into autumn, but clearly chillier breezes propel us from lighter to heartier culinary fare.

Let’s talk about gold. Football is seasoned with mustard, and BE Princess has a plentiful array of spectacular mustards waiting on our bench. Our Glendower Farm collection, packaged in attractive single serve glass jars, brings motley shades of gold to in-flight trays. From the mildest Dijon to the coarsest stone ground version, our exclusive mustards enhance the most creative seasonal catering. But, wait! Mustard does not only belong on-board in the category of

condiment. Did you know it is also medicinal? A spoonful of yellow mustard is the quickest fix for leg cramps, a common complaint of flyers. Our Glendower Farm exclusive mini-jars are the little-known remedy that can make your cabin stock “skies above” some others.

Now, let’s talk russet red. Match onboard snacks to the season. Switch to root vegetable terra chips in small bags or taste delicious red apples in the form of crispy, crunchy apple chips. Dip tortillas into fiery salsas made from September tomatoes and sweet corn, or top your buffalo sliders with Sir Kensington’s gourmet ketchup in festive mini-bottles.

Finally, don’t forget the BE Princess specialty—an unparalleled selection of fine red wines. Autumn casts aside the light summer whites and seeks the heartwarming depths of rich cabernets, mellow merlots and pinot noirs that pair with anything. The Princess cellar, updated and replenished in every season, is always stocked with superlative vineyards.

Whoever said, “the sky is the limit,” needs to re-invent the concept. The colors of the sunset can be mimicked in the cabin and the flavors of Fall can make every flight a harvest of pleasure.


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This is an article by guest author Annie Balshi, CEO of B. E. Princess, a corporate aviation amenities supplier. Annie takes pride in her ability to place herself in the customers’ shoes. She uses her expertise to select products that appeal in appearance and flavor, mixing them up and blending them so that almost every flight has a different basket. Any thoughts expressed in this article are entirely Annie’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Air Culinaire Worldwide.

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