Redefining In-Flight Catering

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Ideas for Seasonal Cabin Amenities – Fall 2016

Autumn / Fall In-flight Amenities

The final quarter of the calendar year tends to be the most colorful and festive, dotted with celebrations that have something for everyone. No matter how many years have passed since we were personally in “back to school” mode, September conjures that feeling of newness, fresh starts and the Read More

Flying Five-Star with a Three-Star Checkbook

Soaring businesses tend to be those devoted to innovation, to spontaneous improvisation, to consistent refreshment and to the visibility of extraordinary details.

Private flying, perhaps more than any other industry, of its nature requires all of these dynamics. The consumer is Read More

Zika Virus and Private Aviation Concerns

With so many private jets heading to the Olympic Games coming up in Brazil and the spread of Zika to the southern United States, concerns about the Zika Virus are at an all-time high in the business aviation industry. From August 5 through August 21, all eyes will be on Rio, but Read More

Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With Carnival season upon us and operational plans to the Summer Games being built, it is the perfect time to get to know more about Rio de Janeiro. On an interesting note, the months of the Summer Games actually take place during the Brazilian winter. However, the climate is moderate all year long, making it an excellent venue for sports and outdoor activities. Read More

How to Feature Your Culinary Skills on Your Flight Attendant Resume

corporate flight attendant resume help

Preparing 5-star in-flight meals at 30,000 feet, often on short notice, while keeping track of your passengers’ safety and comfort is no easy task. Knowing what to stock, managing costs, who to call, timing, making sure food arrives and is stored at the proper temperature until it is time to serve, plating and serving food attractively in a minimalistic galley are part of an important skill set. Corporate aviation employers expect Read More

7 Cabin Crew Tips for Transitioning from Commercial to Corporate Aviation in the Middle East

Here are a few tips to help you take the step up from commercial cabin crew to private aviation. If you are already flying as a corporate cabin crewmember, we invite you to read on as well since you may pick up a few tips, or this can serve as a refresher. Once you have completed the necessary training to become a corporate flight attendant, these tips will Read More