Redefining In-Flight Catering

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Exploring Contract Cabin Crew Options

Contract Cabin Crew Options

Being a corporate flight attendant is filled with as many opportunities as challenges. If you have been in private aviation for a while and are considering switching to contract work instead of full-time, you should be aware of the potential ups and downs associated with this career move. This article will provide insight into Read More

A Day in the Life of a Corporate Flight Attendant

What is a corporate flight attendant

The days of how flight attendants are portrayed on TV are long gone in business aviation. Corporate flight attendants in today’s world are much more than just a person in the back of the cabin to take care of passengers. These unique and highly-qualified individuals wear many hats and are highly-trained in many different aspects.

Even though one of the responsibilities of being a corporate flight attendant is to take care of passengers in the cabin with service, their main responsibility is ensuring Read More

Becoming a Corporate Cabin Attendant in Southern California

Becoming a Corporate Flight Attendant

Does geography play a role in obtaining a job in corporate aviation? I have two answers: yes and no! OK, I will expand on that. And as always, I will be very honest.

I am originally from New York, but I began my career as a corporate cabin attendant in Los Angeles, California. I was much younger at the time, and really lucked out getting a full-time position with zero experience. Again, for one – I was young. Two – I was Read More

Demystifying the Art of the In-Flight Catering Order

demystifying inflight catering

If you are reading this article, then you have probably been surprised or disappointed by an in-flight catering order or two in your day. It can be difficult to stay focused when a mishap occurs. Time is of the essence when prepping for a flight, so resolving the issue usually involves a quick call to the caterer and some spirited conversation.

Catering mishaps are usually a two-way street. Like any good relationship, good Read More

15 In-Flight Catering Tips for International Aircraft Operating to the United States

USA inbound ops

If you are planning a trip to the United States (U.S.) for the first time on a private jet, it is best to first familiarize yourself with some of the important differences you will face with in-flight catering. The list below provides the top 15 tips for understanding the nuances of in-flight catering in the United States. Have a tip you would Read More

What is a Luxury Concierge?

Luxury Concierge

Travel can be many things – exciting, exhilarating and sometimes exhausting. This is where a luxury concierge come in. Think of a luxury concierge as your one stop for planning any luxury events, travel and amenities. No matter who, what, where and when – everyone deserves a little indulgence. It could be a personalized experience you are looking for, or you may Read More

How to Combat Jet Lag

business aviation jetlag

As a busy cabin crew member, jet lag is a very real concern that can happen at any time.  Though the symptoms of general fatigue and disorientation may aptly apply in varying settings, the phrase “jet lag” is associated with the symptoms experienced by travelers who cross several time zones in a relatively short time by the means of a jet aircraft. Before we get into tips for combating jet lag, let’s first Read More

Planning Resources for International In-Flight Catering (Part 1)

international inflight catering

As corporate flight attendants, we are often expected to recreate a gastronomic dining experience to rival high-end restaurants from our sometimes limited aircraft galleys. These expectations can put us to the test at times. However, skilled corporate flight attendants are adept at creating seamless in-flight catering miracles!

Before we get to the ordering stage of the process, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration for Read More

Flight Attendant Review of Onboard Hazardous Materials

corporate flight attendant hazmat

As flight attendants, we must always be aware of not only what our passengers bring onboard, but also of what we bring onboard to maintain our aircraft. Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) are all around us. We must be alert and able to recognize potentially hazardous materials that could affect our flight.

HAZMAT refers to an article or substance that has potentially hazardous characteristics. When transported, these items Read More