Redefining In-Flight Catering

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HOW TO: Little Gem In-Flight Plating

Little Gem Salad from London

From the trout-filled lakes of Norfolk comes the inspiration for this uniquely British salad. Featuring flaked Norfolk trout garnished with red amaranth, and plated with little gem lettuce and quail eggs, this is a healthy salad packed with flavor. Follow five quick steps to artfully plate this dish, or get Read More

HOW TO: London Roast of Lamb In-Flight Plating

London Roast Lamb

Imagine sitting in a cozy pub in the English countryside. This dish which was created by Executive Chef Neil Pope on our London team. The lamb, with its earthy flavors, roasted to perfection with English peas and potato mash. The mint demi-glace accompanies the lamb with every bite to bring out the Read More

HOW TO: Sea Scallops and Purple Peruvians In-Flight Plating

sea scallops purple peruvians

Sea scallops provide a healthy, lean protein that is high in vitamin B12. When paired with purple Peruvian potatoes, they become part of a work of culinary art. Working in the confines of a business jet cabin is a juggling act, and this video plating guide takes the guess work out of food presentation. Watch the video tutorial on how six quick steps will have you plating Sea Scallops and Purple Peruvians like Read More

HOW TO: Lobster Medallions With Caviar Remoulade In-Flight Plating

lobster and caviar

Whether for business or pleasure, no private aviation trip can be considered a success without some star-studded in-flight catering! This culinary delight features lobster topped with a scallop and black caviar. Together, this seafood trio is sure to please your passengers while providing them with an optimal serving of lean protein. The entire feast takes only six steps to achieve a VIP-worthy Read More

HOW TO: Sea Bass In-Flight Plating

Sea Bass Plating Video

Sea Bass is great way to get the health benefits of fish while enjoying a tropical flavor profile. Since this species of fish is found in warm water, it’s no surprise that it goes great with fruit found in similar climates. Mango, lemongrass, coconut, lime, and lemon work in harmony to create a delicious taste reminiscent of the flavors found on an island paradise. Not only does fruit have an appealing taste, but also the Read More

HOW TO: Cornish Hen In-Flight Plating

Cornish Hen Plating Video

Cornish hen is a relatively new protein source created by cross-breeding specific groups of chickens in the 1950s. The result was a smaller bird that reaches full size in a shorter time and has more white meat. Cornish hen braised in red wine sauce with sauteed mushrooms provides Read More

HOW TO: Seared Tuna Steak In-Flight Plating

Seared Tuna Steak

From the centerpiece of a simple sandwich all the way up to the coveted Japanese Bluefin, tuna is one of the most popular fish used in meals around the world. Paired with wilted spinach, lardons, seared tomatoes, and curried carrot broth, the Seared Tuna Steak is a flavorful and healthy entree. This combination of Read More

HOW TO: Sauteed Shrimp with Fennel Turmeric Emulsion In-Flight Plating

Fennel Turmeric Shrimp

Shrimp is a longtime favorite seafood across the globe and can be prepared in numerous ways. Turmeric is known for providing an array of health benefits, including cholesterol and diabetes control. Sauteed Shrimp with Fennel Turmeric Emulsion provides an amazing flavor and is also a healthy food choice. Better yet, this gourmet entree can be plated in just a few simple steps. Take a look at the in-flight plating Read More

HOW TO: Papillote Salmon In-Flight Plating

Papillote Salmon

Salmon is a healthy choice that provides protein; Omega-3; and Vitamins D, B6, and B12; along with several minerals. Coupled with baby vegetables and fingerling potatoes, the Papillote (French for “in parchment”) Salmon entree is a terrific meal to serve in-flight for clients who are looking to maintain steady energy levels. Just five steps for plating this salmon dish, and you Read More

HOW TO: Duck Breast In-Flight Plating

Duck Breast

Duck is a popular protein found in several Asian and French entrees which has been gaining attention worldwide. The Duck Breast entree pairs duck’s unique flavor profile with sesame, citrus, and mirin (a Japanese condiment) for an unforgettable taste. To complete this gourmet in-flight feast, just follow the five simple plating steps shown in the video, and you have Read More