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Colorado Corporate Flight Attendant – Irina Moreland

Colorado Corporate Flight Attendant Irina Moreland

Ski season is in full swing, and there are few places better to go skiing than the Rocky Mountains in Colorado! Between skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, or just relaxing by an open fire with some hot chocolate, Colorado has a little bit of everything to offer everyone. In order to get some local insight into Colorado, Air Culinaire Worldwide interviewed a corporate flight attendant based there.

Irina Moreland is a passionate contract flight attendant based in Denver. She has flown on several types of aircraft, including Citation, Gulfstream, and Bombardier Global Express. When asked about her career, she replied, “I’m very passionate about corporate aviation. Food preparation, as a creative process, appeals to my strong artistic nature.” Irina is safety- and client-focused during her flights and recently went to Aircare Flight Attendant and Cockpit Crew Training Seminars (FACTS), for more advanced training. She stated that “training is an indispensable aspect of cabin crew life. Standard requirements cover safety, emergency instruction, first air, simulated ditching and familiarization with various aircraft.”

Moreland recently described one of her last flights. “My most satisfying experience was during a medevac flight from Mexico of a very disruptive client whom only I could calm. The effusive compliments of the family and the medical staff were nice, but my happiness was in bringing some quiet to the client by performing simple courtesies in the course of my duties.”

That type of scenario is just one of the many that flight attendants face day to day. Irina adds, “the life of a flight attendant isn’t for everyone. No two flights are the same. There is no standard job description that can describe the full range of corporate flight attendant duties, such as delivering a first-class gourmet dining experience from a small aircraft galley with limited equipment. Culinary skills are a must, and a corporate flight attendant must be able to function as a master of all trades.”

We asked Irina about some of her top dining recommendations in Colorado, and with two simple words she said, “The Fort.” The Fort is a must-visit restaurant just southwest of Denver, and, according to Irina, it has “great wild game.” One of the most popular dishes is the Fort’s Game Plate (a bone-in Elk Chop, Buffalo Sirloin Medallions, and Grilled Quail). But, if you’re in the mood for seafood, she says to try “The Oceanaire Seafood Room in downtown Denver.” When asked which foods top her list, Irina replied, “Escargots vol-au-vent and mussels are my favorite!”

When Air Culinaire Worldwide talked to Irina about some of her favorite places to travel, she explained that, being from Russia, she loves to go back to see how it has grown. Next time you are in Colorado, or need a contract flight attendant, contact Irina Moreland at Stay safe, and happy travels, everyone!

This article is part of a series of interviews we are conducting with contract cabin crew members; individuals not employed by Air Culinaire Worldwide. If you would like to be considered for an interview, which is posted on our blog and all of our social media accounts, please contact

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