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Demystifying Culinary Terminology

Demystifying Culinary Terminology

Have you noticed that, over recent years, food has become increasingly (for lack of a better word) trendy? Be it due to the channels allowing us to socialize our cooking and dining, our DIY nature that has us reading cooking magazines, watching television shows and engaging in social media (think: Pinterest and Epicurious); food, cooking, dining. They are all currently quite a conversation.

Whether the factors surrounding your own conversation about food are internal (I want to be an adventurous eater) or external (I’m traveling, but need to learn about international cuisine), driven by love (of the excitement of new things) or fear (of being lost and left behind in the frozen food aisle) we can agree that with all this talk comes quite a bit of confusion.

If you’ve ever felt that certain culinary terms are beyond your basic understanding – you are not alone. At Air Culinaire Worldwide, our staff at all levels are exposed to a variety of dishes, ingredients, food service standards, cooking styles, dietary needs and lifestyle regimens, and encounter the uncommon along the way. Even our seasoned chefs sometimes need clarification on the up-and-coming trends and what they entail. The historical and global nature of food also warrants its own lesson: when you order a side of chips in London – don’t expect the thin, crispy variety! Our fellow employees, as well as our customers, from around the world teach us, so we want to take what we’ve learned and share it with you.

Starting this month, we will be kicking off a series of articles to coach you through the sometimes complicated culinary lingo that you come across. We’ll also tell you about how the unknown can affect your catering order and (impress!) your pax. With a close look, you will observe in the requests of your pax that people are striving to create food experiences that reflect their personal taste. To keep up with the unique tastes of those around you, we invite you to explore the culinary dictionary with us. Some terminology we plan to demystify: vegan versus vegetarian, caviar, tea service, halal, kosher, macarons, chia, portion sizes, place settings and more. Let us know if you have any culinary topics we can help you tackle. Stay tuned!

*P.S. Can you guess the three ingredients that make up the question mark images?


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