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How to Explore Greece like a Native

Acropolis Athens Greece

As a Greek native and a corporate flight attendant, I know how important it is to get an inside perspective on a location before visiting the city for the first time. Not only regarding the sites to see and how to get around, but also some of the best local cuisine to try.

A first visit in Athens definitely requires a visit to Acropolis Hill, where the Parthenon is located. You will also want to stop at the Acropolis Museum to see artifacts from ancient Greece and learn more about the local history. Explore the city center on foot and stop for Greek mezze, traditional Greek delicacies or “souvlaki” (skewered meat and vegetables) downtown. I also highly suggest trying my favorite traditional Greek food – stuffed green peppers and tomatoes with rice and herbs, cooked with delicious olive oil and topped with Greek feta cheese. Make sure to leave some space for Greek “loukoumi,” the amazing traditional sweet puff with honey.

For shopping, visit Ermou Street or walk a bit north to the Kolonaki area, which is just a 10 minute walk from Syntagma Square. It is very easy to move around Athens, the transportation is easy and convenient. There is no need to use a taxi, just grab a map and walk the city!

Apart from Athens, there are lots of amazing places to visit in Greece, with our “Blue Diamonds” first on the list. Our magnificent islands are my first suggestions, with my top three favorites being:

  • Santorini – the romantic hot spot with its famous sunset
  • Mykonos – a more cosmopolitan setting that is calm and relaxing
  • Crete – a huge island with numerous options of what to see and do

For further exploration, there are a few more personal favorites for you to consider. The archaeological sites of Greece, like Delphi and Mykines, are less than two hours from Athens and are really worth a visit. If you are heading north, you should visit my hometown, Thessaloniki, and enjoy the fantastic food and nightlife. If you are up to enjoy the sea, Chalkidiki should be on your list, as well.


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