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Munich, Germany In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips

Munich Inflight Catering

Oktoberfest, also known as “Wiesn,” is fast approaching, so what better location to explore than Munich, Germany? Located on the River Isar in Bavaria, Munich’s history traces its roots back to the 1100s, which is evident when exploring the city’s architecture. Additionally, Munich has a mild climate throughout the year, with average lows in September reaching 48 F (9 C) so make sure to pack appropriately.

If you are traveling to Munich during September or October, even if you are not traveling to Oktoberfest, be mindful of the impact this event has on the city. Hotel rooms are not only much more expensive during this peak season, they also book up fast. In-flight caters also experience a high volume of orders during peak season, so be sure to plan all in-flight catering well in advance. Munich Airport (EDDM) is the only airport located in Munich.

While Oktoberfest is the most widely known annual event in Munich, the city has several recurring events to visit. Tollwood Sommerfestival takes place in June and July features international music and food for 26 days straight. Tollwood is also home to Munich’s Winterfestival which features organic food and crafts from around the world and culminates in a New Year’s Eve party that is not to be missed. At both of these events, the majority of the activities are free of charge.

Enjoying a hot air balloon ride over the city is a great way discover the city. Some hot air balloon companies in the area also provide rides over the Alps, if you have half a day available. German football is hot this year after winning the world championship. While in Munich during football season, take a look at FC Bayern Munich’s schedule to see if you can catch a match at Allianz Arena. Car lovers, don’t forget BMW Group headquarters is located in Munich. Tours are available of the BMW plant, and a BMW Museum is on-site.

The periods of Munich’s long history become evident when viewing the city’s architecture. Munich has dozens of building that showcase a variety of architectural styles. Alter Hof (translates to “Old Court”) was originally built in the 1200s and exhibits gothic architecture. This is also a great place to stop for history lovers since a museum and information center for Bavarian Castles is located within the building. If you would like to taste authentic Franconian food, pay a visit to Restaurant Alter Hof after exploring the historical site. This is just one of many architectural sites to visit. You could spend weeks just visiting all of the famous locations in Munich, so you may want to maximize your time on the ground by joining a tour of Munich and then coming back to visit the top locations that piqued your interest.

Restaurant 181, located in the Olympic Tower, is one of the top gourmet dining spots in Munich. Not only is the cuisine top-rated, but so is the view from the tower. Tantris is another culinary adventure only found in Munich, with dinners ranging from five to eight courses.

German is the official language on Munich and all of Germany, so it is a kind gesture to brush up on basics. However, English is widely known and Munich is a popular tourist destination, so there are no worries of feeling out of place when traveling in the city and ordering food.


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