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National Cheese Lovers’ Day

National Cheese Lovers Day

National Cheese Lovers’ Day is celebrated annually on January 20th in the United States, but we invite you to join us in celebrating no matter which country you are in!

Are you feeling ‘bleu’ today? Don’t worry, it’s national cheese lover’s day and that’s a ‘gouda’ thing, in my opinion. (I know, that was cheesy!)

Cheese has been around for thousands of years, and today there are over 1,400 varieties available to enjoy. With its world-renowned ‘fromage,’ it is no surprise that France is the largest consumer of cheese, with an average consumption rate of 55 pounds per person per year.

No matter what your favorite cheese is, today is a special day to try out a type of cheese you’ve not had before, or do the same for your passengers if you have a flight today. So Packer fans, or just lovers of cheese in general, enjoy your special day!


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