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National Hot Pastrami Day

National Hot Pastrami Day

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day is January 14th in the United States. If you love hot pastrami sandwiches, then you know the historic icon that was made famous because of these sandwiches, Carnegie Deli, closed last month and will be missed. Pastrami is usually made of beef and the meat is then brined, seasoned, smoked and steamed. It is quite a process, and it was created as a way to preserve the meat before we had refrigeration.

The name “pastrami” originated from the Romanian word “pastrama,” which is the term for the same style of beef except it was not in sandwich form. Sussman Volk, an immigrant from Lithuania, is credited for producing the first pastrami sandwich in which he received the recipe from a Romanian friend. He sold the sandwich from his butcher shop in New York, and from there expanded all over the world. Join us in celebrating today with a nice hot pastrami on rye bread.


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