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Air Culinaire In-Flight Cuisine

Cuisine: A method or style of cooking associated with a country or region

At Air Culinaire Worldwide, we are redefining in-flight catering. Our worldwide presence enables us to draw from the culinary gifts of every region of the globe so you and your clients experience the best there is to offer.

In every one of our kitchens, and in all of our associates from client services to executive chef, you will find a company culture that embodies the following fundamental beliefs in our brand of personally crafted food:

    1. Freshness
      Always fresh and never processed


    1. Made For You
      From scratch, small batch


    1. Passion
      We don’t just make meals, we provide an experience


    1. Confidence
      Chefs with world-class educations


    1. Eco-Friendly
      Local and sustainable ingredients

Whether at home or abroad, you will find this approach is represented by Air Culinaire Worldwide and our associate catering partners. Since the year 2000, we have established a new benchmark for in-flight cuisine that we are continuing to redefine.

Let us show you how we are surpassing your expectations around the world.
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