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Russian Contract Flight Attendant – Irina Pashinina

Irina Pashinina Contract Flight Attendant

Russia is in the global spotlight during the first part of 2014, so what better nation to incorporate into one of our first interviews with a contract flight attendant? We didn’t have to look very far to find the perfect person to interview, since Irina Pashinina, a native of Russia, is based in Orlando, Florida; just an hour away from our headquarters.

Irina is a recent graduate from Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training Academy andhas already been busy flying on Gulfstreams, Bombardiers, and Challengers 604. She is a graduate of Magnitogorsk State Technical University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Technology and Quality Control. Her background as a tradeshow hostess has helped her hone her leadership and first-rate customer service skills.

As a world traveler, Irina Pashinina says her top three places in the world are “Paris, France, for the culture; Madrid, Spain, for the food and outdoors; and Tahoe, California, for the best snowboarding.” With a strong background of food knowledge, Irina prefers vegetarian and vegan meals, such as raw lasagna (a version of lasagna made of raw vegetables), fruit salads, and vegetable sushi rolls. Her favorite meal she had recently was “an eggplant burger with a chickpea salad.” Sounds delicious!

Irina knows a lot about Russian food and says that “traditional Russian food is very rich and tart. It can start off with zakuska (hors d’oeuvres), soup, or salad and finish with a yummy dessert. Russian food is full of meat, so meat-lovers will enjoy kebabs, solyanka (a soup with mushrooms, pickles, tomatoes, olives, onions and spices), and all kinds of pierogies. However, each of those can also be made without meat for vegetarians, like me!”

When asked about her favorite place to dine in Russia, Irina told us “GlavPivTrest, which is decorated in an old-fashioned style from when Russia was the USSR. It features unique decor, flags, and photos of the old government that will transport you into the past. GlavPivTrest is comprised of several rooms, each of which is decorated in a theme, such as Lenin’s office. This is a great place to visit, especially if you are coming from another country.”

Speaking about her favorite activities in Russia, Irina suggests that everyone should “visit the museums, take historical excursions, and take time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.” Next time you are in central Florida, or operating to Russia and need a bilingual (Russian and English) contract flight attendant, contact Irina Pashinina at

This article is part of a series of interviews we are conducting with contract cabin crew members; individuals who are not employed by Air Culinaire Worldwide. If you would like to be considered for an interview, which is posted on our blog and all of our social media accounts, please contact

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