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Tieg Grayson – Corporate Flight Attendant in Dallas, Texas

Corporate Flight Attendant Tieg Grayson

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has so much to do and see that we are taking the opportunity this week to bring you articles from two corporate flight attendants. Today we bring to you an interview with Tieg Grayson, a corporate flight attendant based out of Dallas, Texas.

Tieg has been a corporate flight attendant for over five years and has completed training at Beyond and Above and FlightSafety International. In addition to being based in Dallas, Tieg also operates out of Houston, Austin, Tulsa and San Antonio. She has experience flying on anything from a Citation X to a VVIP 777-200 LR, with most of her experience being with G550 and Legacy 600. Tieg is very active in the local business aviation community in Dallas. She attends the North Texas Business Aviation Association’s (NTBAA) Safety Show Down in Dallas as well as their monthly meetings, and Love Field Pilots Association’s (LFPA) monthly meetings.

In getting to know more about Tieg and her experiences with flying corporate, she shared that her favorite destination so far has been the city of Yangon in Myanmar. “The culture was the opposite of what I am used to,” she explained. “I had the opportunity to visit a part of the world many Americans do not get a chance to see. I came back from that trip being substantially more grateful of what I have. I think it is great that my job has the ability to affect me in such a positive way.” Tieg added that she is quite fond of all of Southeast Asia, in general.

Since Tieg’s travels have taken her to such exotic places where culture and lifestyle are so different when compared to Texas, she also shared some valuable insight into in-flight catering and effective communication. “Catering can be an obstacle,” she said. “The majority of my in-flight catering issues usually come from misinterpretations. Even if the caterer speaks the same native language as I do, a particular word may have a different meaning in one part of the world than it would where I come from. For example, I had a short flight where I ordered small ramekins of condiments, but what I received was a bowl of the particular condiments. Since it was a short flight I really needed them to be in individual ramekins for a quick service. In order to avoid issues like that, I now provide pictures with my catering orders.”

This brought us to discuss a memorable experience she has had so far during her career. “Having a passenger demand to be served with paper plates, red solo cups and his placemat be the newspaper,” Tieg answered. “He wanted a real fork and knife though!” What a great reminder of how every flight brings a new set of experiences to learn from.

While continuing the discussion of food, Tieg shared that she loves Mexican, Italian and Greek cuisine. However, her favorite meals are “my great-grandma’s chicken and dumplings and my Grandma Nancy’s biscuits and gravy. They are worth the 250-mile drive.” For her favorite meal to eat in Dallas, she said, “The East Hampton Sandwich Co.’s Lobster Roll. Chef Ozzy makes things happen.” She added, “The Pecan Lodge and Lockhart Smokehouse are also great.”

If you are a corporate flight attendant visiting Dallas for the first time, Tieg has several fun suggestions on what to do if you have extra time on the ground. “Go check out Kylde Warren Park and be sure to visit their website for any potential events happening,” she said. “Other great spots to visit are Reunion Tower and the Dallas Museum of Art. The Dallas Museum of Art is free, so it is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable attraction. If you like music, The Rustic often has great live bands. For shopping, head over to Northpark Mall.”

Specific to corporate aviation, Tieg shared that the skills she feels are most important in order for someone to be a successful flight attendant include the ability to “manage time effectively, be adaptable, have a positive attitude, work as a team member and have a sense of creativity.” If you are considering a career as a corporate flight attendant, Tieg’s advice is that “as long as you are not afraid to fly or be away from home, go for it!” The next time you are looking for a creative flight attendant with flexibility to work in Texas or Oklahoma, contact Tieg Grayson at

This article is part of a series of interviews we are conducting with contract cabin crew members; individuals who are not employed by Air Culinaire Worldwide. If you would like to be considered for an interview, which is posted on our blog and all of our social media accounts, please contact

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