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Top Summer Events in the United Kingdom

Despite the unpredictable weather, the summer is when the UK really comes alive. This is particularly true in the world of art and culture. The beauty of many of the cultural events that take place in Great Britain is the sense of tradition. Many events have been customs for decades, combining both a sense of nostalgia and excitement around new artists, musicians, and athletes.

Glastonbury is one of the most famous music festivals in the world. It has attracted performers from Beyonce to the Rolling Stones and David Bowie to The Smiths. It is the largest green field festival in the world and now entertains around 175,000 people every year across five days. The festival has often occurred during notoriously bad weather, but people still enjoy it. While the main headliners on the Pyramid Stage are what draw the attention of the media, the festival has hundreds of other artists performing. There are acrobats, musicians, poets, political speakers, and DJs. Let it never be said that there is not enough to do at Glastonbury! Ask anyone who has attended, and he or she will agree that the atmosphere is like no other. For five days, Glastonbury is like a different city, visited by people from all over the world.

Another famous, traditional event on the British summer calendar is the Royal Ascot. While people wear jeans and boots to Glastonbury, the Royal Ascot has a stricter dress code. It is an opportunity to dress to the nines, with the gentlemen in top hats and tails and the ladies in their best formal dresses and hats.The champagne is on ice, and the afternoon a must! The first Royal Ascot was held in 1711, and the event is now truly historical. With Royal family members in attendance throughout the event’s five days, the Royal Ascot is much more than a horse race. It’s a great opportunity to step back in time and feel like you’re living the Downton Abbey life!

The Proms are a Great British classical music extravaganza set across eight weeks in the summer, with over 70 concerts held at the Royal Albert Hall in central London. Originally founded in 1895, the concerts have adapted over the years. There are classical concerts but also electronic and Indian music. The highlight is “The Last Night of the Proms,” a celebration of all things British. William Blake’s “Jerusalem” and “Rule Britannia” are featured. The event is often seen as simply a series of classical concerts for older people, but, with the introduction of the children’s proms and also the first comedy proms held by musician / comedian Tim Minchin, it is definitely something to check out when visiting London. The Proms are a celebration of both old and new.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the different events taking place in the British summer. All over the country, you can find different ways to celebrate the occasional sunshine! Whether it is an open-air Shakespeare play at the historic Globe Theatre or a look at the incredible street performers in Covent Garden, you will never be short of entertainment when in Great Britain in the summer!


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