Reduce risk and enhance mission success with ground transportation from Universal Private Transport

A perfectly planned and executed mission can be tarnished if the in-flight catering doesn’t meet passenger or crew expectations. The same is true for ground transportation.

When Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. acquired Air Culinaire Worldwide in 2011, it did so because it proactively identified aviation catering as a potential source of risk that can adversely affect trips. Today, the integrated offering of in-flight catering in support of the mission managed by those who understand food and own and operate their own kitchens has significantly reduced that risk for Universal clients.

Recently, another source of risk and stress impacting trips as shared by clients was ground transportation. Late arrivals, the wrong size vehicle, uninformed drivers, and bad information are all risks that can adversely impact mission success. So in 2016, Universal applied the same approach to ground transportation as it did with in-flight catering, partnering with its long-time security partner, FAM International to create Universal Private Transport.

Universal Private Transport combines the worldwide business aviation management experience of Universal with the international ground transportation network of FAM International to ensure a great ground transportation experience with no surprises.

Not all ground transportation is created equal.

With Universal Private Transport you can be assured you’ll get the right vehicle, professional and courteous drivers, and clear communications – and all through thoroughly vetted licensed and insured providers with demonstrated experience in crew and VIP ground transportation.

What truly makes Universal Private Transport a better option than traditional ground transport options is its integration with Universal Trip Support services. This coordination allows Universal Private Transport to seamlessly coordinate multi-leg missions. More providers equals more risk and more opportunities for a breakdown in communications.

Not with Universal Private Transport. You can feel confident that no matter what changes occur along the way – arrival or departure times, weather, number of passengers, vehicle type or pick-up/drop-off location, everything will be updated accordingly, not just at your current stop but every stop down the line.

Universal Private Transport keeps you informed of changes via email or SMS to a combination of captain, passenger, executive admin, flight department and more. These individuals can communicate with live operators 24/7 via email, phone or SMS to provide updates on status changes or requests.

To learn more about Universal Private Transport can help enable your mission success, or to secure ground transportation for your next trip, visit, call 713-947-5773 or email

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