Corporate Flight Attendant Interview: Ruth Detwiler

Which Aircraft Have You Flown On During Your Career?
 Gulfstreams, Falcon7x, Challenger604, Legacy, Global 6000/7500

Where Did You Receive Flight Attendant Training?
Comair Delta Connection
Aircare FACTS initial
FlightSaftey recurrent

When Was Your Last Recurrent?
April 2022

What Are Your Base Locations And ICAOs?
Dallas TX

How Long Have You Been A Flight Attendant?
6 years commercial
7 years corporate

Have You Received Any Awards / Industry Scholarships? Career Highlights?
Scholarships for initial training, Corporate School of Etiquette, and Sajet solutions by Scott Arnold

Aside From Your Corporate Flight Attendant Training, What Other Education Do You Have?
Bachelor of Arts from Southeastern Louisiana University

Which Business Aviation Conventions And Trade Shows Do You Attend?
Member of WCA
Member of NTBAA

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Flight?
There have been many memorable passengers over the years. Although I can’t disclose names it has been amazing to meet so many interesting individuals! My most memorable flight would probably be my first corporate flight because of the experience and the doors it opened. I also recently flew to Bangkok and it was my longest flight so definitely memorable.

What Type Of Cuisine Do You Prefer?
Hard to pick, there are so many. It is fun to try new places and new cuisines.

What Are Your Favorite Destinations, And Why?
Grand Cayman because it has beautiful beaches with perfect calm warm ocean water. Telluride Colorado has breathtaking views of the mountains. New Orleans is my home town, it has the best culture and party vibe and in my opinion the best food!

What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?
Local wine bars with cheese and small bites or appetizers so you can try in abundance. Mexican restaurants are always fun or happy hours with deals at upscale restaurants. Local cuisine and cozy spots. At home, I love Sixty Vines and Velvet Taco and Kai(sushi).

What Are Some Things To Do That You Would Suggest For A Corporate Flight Attendant Visiting A Destination For The First Time?
 Do some research and always plan ahead. Find out what is around your destination. Do you need to bring extra catering with you or will it be available? Pack accordingly so that you enjoy your destination to the fullest. Sightseeing and immersing yourself in the culture is an amazing perk in this industry.

Any Cultural Tips For A Corporate Flight Attendant Visiting A New Location For The First Time?
 Use your resources-FBO’s, handlers, hotel workers, and your crew members. Find friends that speak your language and experience the location like a local. Ask around for the best grocery stores, markets, and restaurants and find the items that are freshest depending on your location. And always be cautious of your surroundings and travel with a crew! Safety is a main priority.

What Are Some In-Flight Catering Challenges You Have Experienced? How Did You Overcome Them?
 I did quite a few trips on a beautiful G280. It had an oven but no microwave. All trips required a full hot meal for passengers and crew. At first it was a challenge to get the timing right and all food warmed at the appropriate temperatures. The oven was not large so with multiple guests, planning was key. Overall, it was a great tool for growing in culinary practice!

What Made You Decide To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant?
I love traveling and taking care of people. I knew it would be a challenge and hard work but also a dream career. I have worked hard to uphold a reputation in this industry that I am proud of. I love my job and look forward to every trip that I am given.

What Do You Feel Are Essential Skills For A Successful Corporate Flight Attendant?
Always growing and learning from every experience and trip. Take advantage of any opportunities offered to you to help in that growth. Cooking classes, etiquette training, and meeting with others in the industry are all valuable.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Looking To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant?
Don’t give up-it can be hard to get started in this industry. Look for mentors to help you along the way. Networking is a key ingredient in becoming successful along with always putting forth a professional, polite, and pleasant personality.

What Email Address Should Be Used To Contact You?

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