Flight Crew Food Safety and Culinary Training

Earn Your Culinary Wings

At Air Culinaire Worldwide, we view flight attendants as the heart of the crew. We work closely with the flight attendant community to develop training classes as well as tools and resources that you can use to elevate your level of service.

We are proud to team up with Aircare FACTS® Training on select courses to bring you comprehensive training. Food Safety, Allergy and Gluten-Free classes are developed with Aircare FACTS Training; the leader in Human Factor-based Emergency Procedures Training for over 30 years.

Contact John Detloff, Vice President of Flight Attendant Services for more details.


Food Safety Training Certificate Class*

Air Culinaire Worldwide recognizes the need for all flight attendants and flight crew to have the knowledge of food safety and best practices on board. We are committed to providing a comprehensive food safety course that is engaging, affordable and specific to the unique situations surrounding food on the aircraft.

Culinary Workshop

This is a skill-building, interactive class held in a professional, culinary training environment. Each student will prepare, plate and present a variety of entrees, salads, and desserts. This course also covers the 25 critical data points that a caterer needs for an order, as well as packaging and reheating procedures.

Food and Wine Pairing Workshop

This course explores the culinary palate with food and wine. During this workshop, our chefs will review five major types of wines with a different pairing of food to tantalize your taste buds. You will walk away with basic templates to make your in-flight meal and wine experience a success.

Allergy Training*

This course covers the different types of allergies that passengers may have and how they can affect in-flight catering orders. Our trainers will cover the common allergens to look out for in food items, as well as the signs, symptoms and treatments of allergies.

Gluten-Free Training*

The number of passengers that abide by a gluten-free diet is growing quickly; and we are here to help. “Gluten-free” doesn’t mean “bland” – it gives you the opportunity to expand your culinary skills with fresh and simple ingredients. This class covers the different types of gluten-free diets, while providing samples for students to taste.

Hors d’Oeuvres Class

Hors d’Oeuvres are a staple for any flight, to delight your passengers and enhance their in-flight experience. This class covers simple and enjoyable canapés from around the world that you can serve to your passengers. This course is a hands-on experience; students will prepare, plate and present their hors d’Oeuvres.

Review of Service Workshop

This course reviews the proper steps of service on an aircraft. Students will demonstrate how to present and serve food, learn the proper techniques of pouring wine and mixed drinks, and review proper etiquette for flying with passengers.

American Red Cross Training

Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training incorporates the latest scientific guidelines and aligns with Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training Programs. After completing this course, you receive an American Red Cross certificate; valid for two years.

2016 Training Schedule

January 22 – Tampa, Florida
January 28 – London, England
February 27 – Long Beach, California
March 31 – Tampa, Florida
April 23 – Long Beach, California
April 28 – London, England
May 28 – Long Beach, California
July 30 – Long Beach, California
August 11 – Tampa, Florida
August 24 – London, England
September 22 – Tampa, Florida
October 1 – Long Beach, California
October 7 – Paris, France
November 24 – London, England
December 8 – Paris, France

Personalized Training Classes

Our trainers and chefs are here to customize classes for your training needs. We can tailor any training class to meet your flight department’s specialized training requirements.

Brazilian Cuisine and Cultural Class

Developed from native European and African influences, Brazilian cuisine varies greatly by region. Our executive chefs will demonstrate the food of each region, and explain each dish while you sample a variety of traditional Brazilian dishes.

Caribbean Cuisine and Cultural Class

Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of many countries and cultures. This course will teach you a wide variety of cooking styles found throughout the islands, as well as the cultural background of each dish. From jerk seasoning to roti, students will taste what the islands have to offer.

Chinese Cuisine and Cultural Class

This class covers the history of Chinese cuisine and culture, while students prepare and sample signature Chinese dishes. This class also teaches the proper techniques of service and the elements of traditional meals.

Russian Cuisine and Cultural Class

Experience and sample the cuisine of Russia. This class covers the origins of historically rich Russian cuisine while students prepare and taste select dishes.

Spanish Tapas and Cultural Class

Spanish cuisine dates back centuries. In this class, you will learn about the different tapas of Spain. Students will prepare an assortment of tapas while sampling some of the Riojas (wine) that Spain has to offer.


Contact John Detloff, Vice President of Flight Attendant Services for more details.


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