National Chocolate-Covered Cherries Day

As the holiday season ends, I am sure you have seen or received some of these little sweet treats, so it is no surprise that the United States foodie holiday for them would be January 3rd. These chocolate-covered cherries, also called cordial cherries, have been made since the 1800s, and they have been a part of holidays ever since. I always wondered how they could get that sweet liquid inside the chocolate that is around the cherry when you bit into it. So, I did some research and this is what I have found.

When making these treats, the chocolatier coats the cherry with an enzyme. Then, the cherry is covered with chocolate. The enzyme breaks down the cherry to the point you get that sweet liquid when you bite into it. Today, many companies are making this treat, and everyone has their favorite. So, today I ask you to take a bite of one of these delicious little morsels and think about the science that goes into making them a long-standing favorite.


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