National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day

National Peanut Butter Day

January 24 was National Peanut Butter Day, but today we celebrate everyone who loves peanuts. According to Skippy Peanut Butter Company, there are over 30 celebrities who are part of the Adult Peanut Butter Lovers’ Fan Club. They are Bill Clinton, Julia Childs, Larry King, Jack Nicholson, Tom Selleck, Kim Basinger, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Cher and much more.

I am sure if Elvis were still alive he would be in that club, as well with his famous sandwich he ate every day the “Fool’s Gold Loaf.” This sandwich contained peanut butter, bananas, bacon and honey. Now that’s a peanut butter sandwich that will hit all your taste buds! So, today, create your own unique take on the classic peanut butter sandwich and enjoy!


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