Supporting Dreams Soar with Inflight Catering in Montreal

Shaesta Waiz - Dreams Soar

Shaesta finished her busy schedule in Montreal where she has been busy encouraging young females to enter STEM careers and is now on her way to St. John’s for her next stop. Dreams Soar is a great non-profit organization with a mission of inspiring women to join the aviation field. Her mission is to fly around the world to spread this message and inspiration, and Montreal was her second stop.

Air Culinaire Worldwide would like to thank our partner in Montreal, Sky Chef Catering, who is always dedicated to providing the freshest food in aviation, with their traditional family recipes. Montreal is a great culinary destination, from their famous Fairmont Bagels to Poutine (which is French fries with gravy and cheese curds), which are a must-have when in Montreal. One of my favorite restaurants is le Bremner, with Chef Chuck Hughes, with its hearty gastropub dishes. If you really want to splurge, try Toque with one of the top chefs in Montreal, Chef Normand Laprise. The food is playful yet refined, without a stuffy atmosphere.

We want to wish Shaesta a successful mission to St. John’s and much success for Dreams Soar, with her mission around the world. Please support and donate today at

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