Cancelation Policy

There is no charge to the customer when an order is canceled far enough in advance from the requested delivery time, as described below:

  • 24 hours for standard orders placed with Air Culinaire Worldwide US, Paris, and London Kitchens along with US and International Network Markets.
  • 48 hours for any specialty requested shopping items such as alcohol, floral arrangements, gift baskets, concierge items, special recipes, and restaurant facilitation for any location.
  • Due to the high demand of shopping items requested along with the new restrictions & strict return policies handed down by most retailers on the local & state levels & in our international markets, we have had to modify our shopping cancellation policy.

All shopping items will be charged to the customer for item(s) that cannot be returned or reused by the kitchen when an order or item is canceled 24 hours or less, prior to the requested delivery time. ACW will deliver the purchased item upon the customer’s request. Items cannot be held in the kitchen for future flights unless the flight occurs in the same kitchen market & is being delivered the same business day.

This policy addresses standard & specialty orders placed in the Air Culinaire Worldwide US, Paris & London Kitchens & includes shopping, alcohol, floral arrangements, gift baskets, concierge items, special recipes & restaurant facilitation(s).

Exemptions are at the sole discretion of Air Culinaire Worldwide. If the order is canceled with less notice than indicated above, Air Culinaire Worldwide reserves the right to invoice for reasonable charges.