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How to Combat Jet Lag

As a busy cabin crew member, jet lag is a very real concern that can happen at any time.  Though the symptoms of general fatigue and disorientation may aptly apply in varying settings, the phrase “jet lag” is associated with the symptoms experienced by travelers who cross several time zones in a relatively short time by the means of a jet aircraft. Before we get …

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corporate flight attendant hazmat

Flight Attendant Review of Onboard Hazardous Materials

As flight attendants, we must always be aware of not only what our passengers bring onboard, but also of what we bring onboard to maintain our aircraft. Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) are all around us. We must be alert and able to recognize potentially hazardous materials that could affect our flight. HAZMAT refers to an article …

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How to Become a Guest Author

Since launching this blog in January 2014, we have been focused on providing valuable content for our audience. We are passionate about gourmet food, business aviation and the intersection of these two industries. If you share this focus, we invite you to contribute your expertise to the blog. This opportunity is available to professionals in

Flight Attendant Silent Review

Flight Attendant Silent Review

As flight attendants, we are trained to perform a silent review before takeoff and landing. This article is a reminder of the importance of the review. As we all know, most accidents occur during takeoff and landing. We must constantly remind ourselves to perform this procedure even when we are occupied with

Pre-Flight Inspection for Flight Attendants

Why Pre-Flight Inspections Are So Important for Flight Attendants

When an aircraft is cruising at 35,000 feet, crew members can not fix anything or replace equipment in an emergency. To avoid problems, we must always perform a pre-flight inspection on all emergency equipment. Here is a list of the most common emergency equipment that must be checked by the flight attendant, along with the …

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