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Quick Tips for Last-Minute In-Flight Catering Requests

Last Minute Catering Orders

Private aviation, and the in-flight catering necessary to feed cabin crew and passengers, are fast-paced industries. The client services representatives at in-flight catering networks are masters of the juggling act. During their daily ten-hour shifts, they manage online orders, data entry, phone calls, responding to client emails and coordinating communication with kitchens and vendors all over the world – all while remaining calm, friendly and incredibly organized.

Adding to the adrenaline rush of in-flight catering orders is that fact that 60% of orders are placed within 24 hours of wheels up. Even more fast-paced are the last-minute, or “ASAP,” orders which are any requests that are placed less than four hours prior to departure. While each client services representative is well prepared to handle these types of requests, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your last-minute order is feasible, accurate and on time.

  • Be aware not only of the time of day, but of the time zone where you are requesting delivery. When you are planning your catering, you may see the departure time and think you have plenty of time to place your order. However, if that point of departure is in a different time zone, the in-flight catering order you are placing for “tomorrow” may really be for the same day. The order may even fall into the ASAP category. Thus, it is always best to double-check all location and time details for each flight.
  • When possible, be flexible with your order request. It is much easier to accommodate an ASAP order if the request includes items that can be easily obtained or may already be stock items for that particular kitchen or catering partner. If possible, steer clear of specialty or difficult requests when there is a small window of time for shopping, preparing, and delivering the catering. Additionally, always make sure to provide any allergy, health, dietary or religious restrictions with your order.
  • Ask for suggestions. Our team can help you plan a last-minute menu depending on the geographical location, time frame and local kitchen specialties. You don’t have to compromise quality or passenger satisfaction just because time is limited.
  • Order entrees that have plating guides. Once you receive your last-minute order, it is time to turn it into a work of art. When you order entrees that have plating guides, you maximize your efficiency in reheating and plating during a possible time crunch. (Pro tip: A great place to start is with the entrees in this series of plating guide videos.)

Keeping these tips in mind will help you pull off a five-star in-flight dining experience with little time and stress involved. This will leave you poised to look your best for your clients without them ever getting a hint about everything that went on behind the scenes to make it happen.


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