Savoring the Flavors of Philadelphia 

At Air Culinaire Worldwide, we take pride in curating an exceptional catering experience, and our Philadelphia kitchen stands as a testament to the vibrant flavors that define this iconic city. 

In the city known for its rich food culture, we source the finest ingredients to elevate our dishes. Just an hour from Kennett Square, the Mushroom Capital of the World, our Philadelphia kitchen brings you the freshest local mushrooms adding a touch of authenticity to every bite. Picture savoring the essence of Philly with traditional cheesesteak rolls that make our catering truly one-of-a-kind.

Behind every successful catered flight is a team that values relationships and creates unforgettable experiences. Meet Stephen Dougherty, our dedicated General Manager, who not only oversees operations but also fosters close connections with flight attendants and actively engages in local catering events.  

Philadelphia boasts a culinary heritage that’s a feast for the senses. Our kitchen proudly embraces this legacy by accommodating any request for local favorites. From the sweetness of TastyKakes to the richness of Hershey Chocolate, the crunch of UTZ Potato Chips, and a local classic, the Philly cheesesteak, we bring the essence of Philly to your table. And yes, we serve up authentic Philly cheesesteaks, ensuring that every bite is a celebration of local flavor. 

 Behind the scenes, our culinary team brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Some trained at the renowned CIA Culinary Arts Institute. 
Allow us to introduce Damali Bloomfield, our brilliant young Sous Chef hailing from Philadelphia’s dynamic culinary scene, and the Philadelphia Culinary team. Their passion for food opens doors to remarkable opportunities, and her creations are nothing short of extraordinary. 

As we conclude this culinary journey through Philadelphia, we invite you to experience the flavors that define our catering in the City of Brotherly Love. At Air Culinaire Worldwide, we’re not just serving meals; we’re crafting memories. Join us as we redefine in-flight catering, one delicious bite at a time, and let the spirit of Philly elevate your dining experience to new heights. 


Our Philadelphia kitchen crafted the perfect Philly cheesesteak! #philly #inflightcatering #privatejet #flightattendant #phillcheesesteak

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