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Rome, Italy Travel Tips for Business Aviation (Part 2)

Inflight Catering Rome

In the first part of this blog series, we covered many helpful tips for corporate flight attendants operating to Rome. An important part of experiencing Rome is through the local cuisine. For dinner, be sure to make a reservation. Avoid restaurants frequented by tourists and find one that is popular with the locals. Although Rome has a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, you may opt to try one of the many fine restaurants serving traditional Roman cuisine and fresh local seafood.

Cecilia Metella, named for the daughter of an ancient Roman general, is on the Appian Way and is famous for their “scrigno,” a specialty pasta cooked and served in terracotta bowls. Finish with wild strawberries from Nemi, if they are in season. In the winter, make sure to book a table near the fire.

Roma Sparita is situated in one of the most beautiful piazzas in Trastevere. In summer, tables are set out in the piazza and you can enjoy “cacio e pepe” pasta (pecorino cheese with black pepper served on a Parmigiano shell), or “cozze alla marinara” (mussels with garlic, chili pepper and a hint of tomato).

For a real taste of Rome, head to Testaccio where Da Felice, a modern trattoria, serves down-home “Cucina Romana,” such as “bucatini all’amatriciana” (hollow spaghetti with sauce of tomatoes, onion, pancetta and pecorino) and “abbacchio al forno con patate” (lamb baked with potatoes).

Nightlife in Rome is varied and lively. The Testaccio district is known for its night clubs located on the Monte Testaccio and Via Ostense. In the Trastavere district, you will find a more bohemian atmosphere, with coffee shops, pubs and wine bars. Interestingly, Irish pubs are very popular in Rome, make sure to stop in at one and experience the clash of cultures there.

When it comes to accommodations, Rome offers luxury hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and designer boutique hotels. To truly experience Rome, choose a hotel in the city center. Hotels in the Trastevere area are great for nightlife, while hotels around Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and Campo de’ Fiori are close to shopping.

The area around Via Veneto should also be on your list. It was immortalized as the heart of cafe society in the film “La Dolce Vita,” and is once again becoming popular for its stylish hotels and lively nightlife.

Top-rated Hotel de Russie is an updated 19th-century palazzo with 122 modern rooms, terraced gardens, and a spa complete with a Turkish bath. It has a great location near some of the city’s best shopping on Via Condotti. The First is a five-star hotel by Piazza del Popolo and Via di Ripetta shopping, complete with magnificent views of the city. Additionally, a restaurant is located within the hotel which can provide kosher meals. Hotel Lunetta is near Campo de’ Fiori and has an important spot in Roman history. In the basement are some of the original walls of the ancient Theater of Pompey, where Julius Caesar met his fate.

One trip to Rome in a lifetime is not nearly enough. You could spend a lifetime in the city and still not have had your fill of the history, the art, the food and the Roman people. When it is time to be on your way to your next destination, you will understand what it means to say “Arrivederci, Roma, until we see each other again!”


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