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Moscow, Russia In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips

St. Basil's Cathedral

Moscow, Russia is home to what is currently the busiest business aviation airport in Europe, and this is just one of the many reasons it is an important city to get familiarized with. As springtime approaches with its gentle steady increase in temperatures, Moscow will soon be in its shoulder season. Peak season is during summer, when the already expensive prices shoot even further skyward.

Located on the Moskva River, Moscow has highly-active business aviation traffic largely due to the citybeing home to the most billionaires in the world. No doubt, being in the mix with such wealth lends to the high price tag a visit to the city comes along with, but it also means there are multiple options for operating to the city.

Airports in the city include Domodedovo International Airport (IATA: DME / ICAO:UUDD) which is known for being the busiest airport in Russia, Sheremetyevo International Airport (IATA: SVO / ICAO: UUEE), Vnukovo International Airport (IATA: VKO / ICAO: UUWW) which is currently the most popular business aviation airport in Europe, and Ostafyevo International Airport (IATA: OSF /  ICAO: UUMO). For best results, all in-flight catering requests in Moscow should be submitted at least 48 hours ahead of departure.

While Moscow has the usual activities to be expected of a city as large and historical as it is, one unique entertainment trend is of room escape quests. This is where you go into a room and you have to figure out a series of puzzles, using only the items found in the room, in order to get out within one hour. Cubiculum, Lab 33, HintHunt, Qube and Claustrophobia.  Most escape rooms are designed for teams and some are only available in Russian, so make sure plan ahead with your crew.

Moscow has unique annual celebrations that will be interesting to see if you are in town at the corresponding times. Maslenitsa is celebrated in February, at the same time Mardi Gras and Carnival. However, Maslenitsa is celebrated with blinis instead of king cakes, and snowball fights and sledding instead of parade floats and plastic beads. Other annual events include the Moscow Easter Festival, Victory Day Parade and Russian Winter Festival.

Nicknamed the “Third Rome,” Moscow has no shortage of sites to visit to admire architecture and learn about local history. The Kremlin, Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral are just a few of the most iconic sites to explore. Moscow also has many museums dedicated to topics from cosmonautics to chocolate, and everything in between.

When you are done sightseeing, treat yourself to a meal at one of Moscow’s most popular restaurants. Options range from world-famous names to local favorites, including Café Pushkin, Turandot, Azerbaijan, Bison Steak House and Propaganda. Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe, so you will easily be able to find establishments serving varieties of cuisines from around the world. Be sure to budget for the elevated prices of food and hotels, so you can eliminate stress and focus on serving your guests and spending some time taking in the best the city has to offer.


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