Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Montevideo, Uruguay

In the coming months, the Northern Hemisphere will start to cool off and temperatures will descend into winter while countries in the Southern Hemisphere will start to warm up for summer. One potential destination for those looking to escape the cold is the city of Montevideo, Uruguay; especially in the months of January and February.

When operating to and from Montevideo, you will utilize either Angel S. Adami International Airport (SUAA) or Carrasco International Airport (MVD / SUMU), where inflight catering is available through the ACW Network of caterers. It is a best practice to place your catering order a minimum of 48 hours in advance when operating in Uruguay.

Coming up in August, one the 25th of the month, is “Dia de la Independencia” (Independence Day) where celebrations last all day and night. Uruguay is one of the many countries that celebrate Carnival. Kicking off the season is the event called “Epifanía” (the Epiphany), where families gather on January 6 to celebrate by exchanging gifts and eating a feast together. If you are in town during this popular annual event, you will get to experience “Desfile de Llamadas” (translates to “The Calls Parade”), a parade that features thousands of drummers, singers and dancers. Another unique holiday in the country is “Natalicio de Artigas” which celebrates the life of Jose Gervasio Artigas, who is known as the father of Uruguayan independence. During this event, held annually on June 19, you will witness patriotic celebrations of every kind imaginable.

When exploring Uruguayan cuisine, you will notice that it is heavily influenced by a variety of European cultures in addition to local native culture. Meat is very popular in the country and can be a variety of animal-based protein sources, but beef is the most common. “Asado” is the name of the Uruguayan barbecue method which is highly praised for its flavor. A few local dishes to try out are milanesa (thin-sliced breaded steak), hungara (a spicy, Uruguayan version of a frankfurter) and empanada gallega (a turnover-shaped outer shell filled with fish, onions, bell peppers and sauce). Along with most dishes, fresh bread is an expected side and mate is the drink of choice for the country. Yerba mate has gained increased global popularity over the past several years due to its possible health benefits.


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