In-Flight Catering and Travel Tips for Trinidad and Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, more commonly known as Trinidad and Tobago, is a twin island Republic situated in the Lesser Antilles Archipelago. While the country is named after its two largest islands, there are other islands, including the Bocas Islands, Five Islands, and San Diego Islands – and the list goes on! This is the perfect location for someone looking for a tropical getaway with a variety of landscapes. Like the two parts of the country’s name, the year is divided in half, with a dry season and a wet season.

Each of the two main islands has an airport of its own. Piarco International Airport (TTPP) is located on Trinidad, and Tobago is home to Arthur N. R. Robinson International Airport (TTCP). Once on the ground, you will have several options for how to get around the islands. If you choose to drive, be mindful that vehicles drive on the left side of the road, and most drivers use hand signals. Peak travel season for Trinidad and Tobago is from December until May, with Easter being extremely busy.

Annual events that create peaks in air traffic are the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the Tobago Jazz Experience, and the Carib Great Race. Always plan in-flight catering in advance during these events since caterers will also be busy with ground catering orders.

Trinidad and Tobago may be small islands when looking at them on a map, but they both offer a variety of activities and landscapes to enjoy. A unique experience is to visit the La Brea Pitch Lake (not to be confused with the La Brea Tar Pits in California), which is the world’s largest asphalt lake. The islands are also home to other amazing outdoor destinations such as the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Nariva Swamp, Caroni Lagoon National Park, Pirate’s Bay, Pigeon Point Beach, Arnos Vale Reef, Argyle Waterfall, and more. Trinidad and Tobago offers visitors any type of water sport and activity you can think of!

For days when you want to stay indoors, the islands have just as many interesting manmade sites to explore. Fort King George, Mount St. Benedict Monastery, Temple in the Sea at Waterloo, and the Mohammed Ali Jinnah Memorial Mosque are just a few of the cultural sites that showcase the amount of diversity present in Trinidad and Tobago. For a deeper look at local art and culture, a visit to the National Museum and Art Gallery is a must.

While some international restaurants chains are available on the island, the cuisine is so creative you will want to find locally owned spots to get the full experience. The Hott Shoppe, Chaud Creole, Patraj Roti Shop, and Richard’s Bake and Shark all are local favorites.

A variety of accommodations are available for anyone staying overnight in Trinidad and Tobago. International hotel chains with luxury or economic options, boutique hotels, and quaint bed and breakfast inns all provide you with the ability to choose your own experience. The important part is to find a place near the airport you will use or event you will attend. This will help you minimize travel time and truly enjoy your time on the islands.


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