HOW TO: Poached Salmon In-Flight Plating

London poached salmon

Scottish salmon the second-largest food export from the United Kingdom. With a taste that is so wildly popular, especially in China, there is no wondering why this dish is one of the top items on our London menu. Paired with roasted lemons, buttered samphire and citrus cream, this poached salmon dish sure to be a hit on your next flight out of London! Learn how to plate it in three quick steps.

Tools and Ingredients

  • Plate
  • Spoon
  • Tongs
  • Poached Salmon Entrée
    • Poached Salmon with Roast Lemon
    • Buttered Samphire
    • Citrus Cream

3 Plating Steps

  • Place potato mash and peas in center of plate.
  • Slice rested lamb lion on a bias. Arrange around mash and peas.
  • Spoon mint demi-glace on and around lamb

To access a PDF of the Poached Salmon with Roast Lemon In-Flight Plating Guide, follow this link. View more in-flight plating guide videos on YouTube.

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