HOW TO: Lobster Medallions With Caviar Remoulade In-Flight Plating

lobster and caviar

Whether for business or pleasure, no private aviation trip can be considered a success without some star-studded in-flight catering! This culinary delight features lobster topped with a scallop and black caviar. Together, this seafood trio is sure to please your passengers while providing them with an optimal serving of lean protein. The entire feast takes only six steps to achieve a VIP-worthy plating.

Tools and Ingredients

  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Tongs
  • Fork
  • Spoon
  • Plate

Garnish Kit (keep cold)

  • Parsley Oil (Green Oil)
  • Tomato Concasse
  • Chopped Chives
  • Black Caviar
  • Remoulade

Lobster Entree

  • Lobster, Scallop
  • Corn and Chevre Cream
  • Lobster Tail Shell (Garnish)
  • Potato Cake
  • Sauteed Vegetables


  • Heat oven to 275F (135C) and cook for 20 minutes. If necessary, adjust temperature to your oven since ovens can vary.

6 Plating Steps:

  • Place potato cake on center of plate (it looks like a hash brown).
  • Arrange vegetables behind potato cake.
  • Shingle lobster medallions on top of potato. Place scallop on top.
  • Bend aluminum cup to form spout for Beurre Blanc and carefully sauce around potato.
  • Spoon remoulade over top of scallop and lobster. Using clean spoon, top with caviar.
  • Sprinkle with chives and tomato concasse.

To access a PDF of the Lobster Medallions With Caviar Remoulade plating guide, follow this link. View more plating guide videos on YouTube.

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