Air Culinaire Teterboro Moves to a Bigger Kitchen

Air Culinaire Worldwide, LLC 


Air Culinaire Teterboro Moves to a Bigger Kitchen: New Kitchen Means Better Service for Customers.

Air Culinaire Worldwide, operating in New Jersey since 2005, expands into a state-of-the-art facility just minutes from Teterboro Airport. This facility provides our experienced team with additional space to be creative, utilizing modern equipment. The newly built kitchen is 17,000 sq. ft., making it one of the largest kitchens in Air Culinaire’s culinary arsenal.  

The Teterboro kitchen features modern cooking appliances, such as 6-point ranges and high thermal BTU grills. The facility also uses energy-efficient equipment, anti-bacterial flooring, and walls, pass-through refrigeration portals to maintain cold chain compliance, retractable spray-down systems for sanitation, and high-efficiency LED lighting. The kitchen is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as a custom ventilation system and a new pastry rolling machine. 

These expanded facilities reflect Air Culinaire’s constant pursuit of more efficient service and increased product quality. 

The team at Air Culinaire is confident about the quality of service that the team will produce from the new kitchen and provide to clients. Steven Roberts, the Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Air Culinaire, reflects on what this means for the company, stating “The next chapter is here, and as we reinvest in the future, this facility reflects our commitment to creating a promising future for our team members and customers.”   

Executive Chef Salvator Lano has been the executive chef at Air Culinaire for 14 years and has led the transition to the new kitchen smoothly, along with Erick Arce, General Manager, Air Culinaire. One of his favorite dishes that he created is from our New York Lifestyle Menu; Olive Oil Poached Asparagus with Serrano Ham and an elegant Romesco Sauce. “As a 4th generation Italian growing up with classic Italian dishes, I wanted to share how we make this family dish, which is very popular due to its beautiful presentation and great taste”. 

The video below offers an exclusive look into our newly remodeled kitchen along with Chef Lano’s preparing this amazing dish.  


We just opened our largest kitchen!

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