Meet Frederic Juillet: General Manager of Air Culinaire Worldwide Paris


Frederic Juillet 

Years with ACW:

7 Years 

Origin: Born and raised in the South of France, Frederic Juillet’s journey with Air Culinaire Worldwide Paris began after a rich and diverse international experience spanning four continents. 

Frederic’s passion for the dynamic and innovative nature of the catering industry ignited during his travels, particularly during his time spent in the USA and Dubai. With a keen eye for value innovations and a natural inclination towards customization, Frederic found himself drawn to the world of high-end culinary experiences upon returning to France. Joining ACW in 2015, he brought with him a wealth of global exposure that perfectly complemented our company’s ethos. 

 Frederic approaches each catering order with a dedication to customization, details, and precision. His commitment to ensuring a seamless and high-quality experience for every client in his region is evident in his meticulous attention to detail. 

The most rewarding aspect of Frederic’s role lies in the clientele ACW services and the collaborative spirit of the team he has helped build. Witnessing his team’s dedication to achieving excellence and their willingness to go the extra mile reaffirms his belief in the power of collective effort. 
While not a cook himself, Frederic’s expertise lies in conceptualizing menus that elevate the dining experience to new heights. He takes pride in creating innovative culinary concepts, such as the Paris Lifestyle menu, which offers a curated selection of dishes reflecting various global lifestyles. 
The Air Culinaire Worldwide Paris kitchen boasts a multicultural team fluent in French, English, Polish, and Arabic, fostering an inclusive and dynamic work environment reflective of ACW’s global reach. 
Services offered by Frederic’s kitchen include Hotel Plaza Athénée Restaurant Facilitation, restaurant facilitation, laundry services, floral services, dry ice service, newspapers and magazines services, and concierge services. This location also features Lifestyle Dishes that encompass Cultured & Artistic, Mind & Body, Urban, and Wellness themes, Frederic’s kitchen offers a diverse array of culinary experiences tailored to satisfy the most discerning of palates. 

Our Paris location is fully equipped to cater to your needs throughout the Paris Olympic Games. We’ve enhanced our vehicle fleet and expanded our staffing to ensure smooth operations. We are fully equipped to accommodate and fulfill all orders according to your preferences. If we reach maximum capacity or if our clients require last-minute catering, provided we receive notice at least 5 hours before their departure, we have a menu guaranteed to be available. We have extended our delivery coverage to include LFAY, LFPM, and LFPT in addition to our existing destinations,(LBG – LFPO – LFPG – LFPT) made possible through strategic partnerships with local FBOs.

Rest assured, all services are backed by heightened security measures for the duration of the event.
*Stay tuned for further updates on our preparations for the Olympic Games.

As a full concierge service caterer, Air Culinaire Worldwide prides itself on fulfilling any request in the area. From picking up food from clients’ favorite restaurants to providing laundry/dry cleaning services and 24-hour sushi delivery, Air Culinaire Worldwide goes above and beyond. Additionally, we offer full-color newspapers from around the world and have specialized equipment to meet the needs of large aircraft. 

To place an order with our Paris, France Kitchen Call: (813) 449-6000 – Email: 

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